Discover the 10 things to do in Orlando beyond theme parks. The city is very beautiful and has some extremely cool attractions that you’ll enjoy. In addition, there are areas close to Orlando that are also well worth a visit.

1. Lake Eola Park, Church Street and Harry P. Leu in Downtown Orlando

To open this article on the top 10 things to do in Orlando beyond theme parks, we think it’s worth visiting Downtown Orlando, the commercial center of the city. There, you’ll find beautiful places to explore during the day and contemplate nature, along with plenty of bars and restaurants to enjoy at night.

In this area, there is Lake Eola Park, a wooded space around a large lake where you can ride pedalos and walk along a 1.4 km trail. There’s also Church Street Station, one of the busiest streets in Downtown Orlando, with restaurants, concert halls and lots of stores.

Another must-see in the area is CityArts, a place where you’ll find several art galleries. You can see several art exhibitions by local and international artists, all for free. And finally, there’s Harry P. Leu., a pleasant park with flower beds and beautiful gardens. It is open from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., making it possible to have a quiet picnic in one of its 20 hectares.

Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando

2. Old Town in Kissimmee near Orlando

A great trip for antique lovers is to visit Old Town, in Kissimmee. There, you’ll find many stores, restaurants and entertainment options. One of the distinguishing features of the place is its style, which harks back to the 1950s. You can stroll around the area and enjoy its beauty free of charge.

Old Town in Kissimmee

3. Daytona Beach near Orlando

Daytona is one of Florida’s tourist cities, one hour from Orlando. There, you can enjoy beautiful beaches, perfect for spending a relaxing afternoon. Plus, the city of Daytona is also known for being the headquarters of NASCAR and home to one of the main Stock Car racing venues, the Daytona International Speedway.

Daytona Beach

4. Winter Park near Orlando

Winter Park is a town near Orlando. There, you can take many lovely walks, such as visiting Central Park, the museums and local markets. In addition, the city is well wooded and has several lakes. So, it’s a great day trip to explore the city and its attractions.

Winter Park

5. Clearwater Beach near Orlando

Following this article on the 10 things to do in Orlando beyond theme parks, know that there is a beautiful beach located in the city of Clearwater, on the Gulf of Mexico. Because of its location, its waters are crystal clear and its sand very white. A true paradise.

Plus, this beach is somewhat unknown compared to the others. In other words, you’ll enjoy a relaxing stroll on a beautiful, calm Florida beach. Finally, the beach is known for having some of the most beautiful sunsets, making it a real spectacle of nature.

Clearwater Beach

6. Celebration near Orlando

Celebration is a quiet neighborhood 15 minutes from Walt Disney World. It follows the moral principles of Walt Disney himself, valuing health, education, technology and a sense of community. One of its rules, for example, is silence and respect for others, making it one of the most organized neighbourhoods in the world.

The neighbourhood’s architecture also follows organizational patterns, such as the Victorian, Mediterranean and Colonial styles. It is, therefore, a great place to get to know and appreciate culture and architecture. However, there are no great entertainment options in the area.


7. Disney Springs and Universal Citywalk near Orlando

Disney Springs is a complex with various attractions, such as shows, restaurants and stores with exclusive Disney products. It’s the ideal place to eat and buy souvenirs after a day in the park. It’s free and well worth a stroll. If you decide to go to one of its restaurants, a good recommendation is Planet Hollywood and Rainforest Cafe, which are very popular with visitors.

Like Disney Springs, there is Universal Citywalk, a large entertainment center with bars, restaurants and Universal-themed stores. It is located at the entrance to Universal’s two parks, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. It’s certainly a beautiful place to visit.

For those who want to eat and enjoy the bars, there are great options there, such as the Hard Rock Café, the NBA Restaurant and Bubba Gump, the Forrest Gump-themed restaurant. In addition, there are always DJ shows in the space, making it a great night out.

8. Museums in Orlando

There are several different museums in the city that you should visit. First of all, there’s the Orlando Museum of Art, which has a huge collection of works from many regions of the planet. Then, there’s WonderWorks, Orlando’s famous upside-down museum. It has more than 100 incredible attractions, such as an earthquake simulator, a hurricane simulator and more

Similar to WonderWorks, there’s Ripley’s Believe it or Not. It is located on International Drive, Orlando’s main avenue. Its building is tilted to the right and inside there are many different exhibits. There are more than 350 pieces, including a piece of the Berlin Wall, a statue of the tallest man in the world and even a picture of Beyonce made out of gummy candies.

You can also visit the Orlando Science Center, a museum with interactive educational exhibitions aimed at introducing children to the world of science. So it’s a great outing if you’re with children. Finally, one of the most fun museums in Orlando is the Madame Tussauds wax museum, where you’ll find wax replicas of various celebrities, from Martin Luther King to Ariana Grande.

Orlando Science Center

9. ICON Park in Orlando

Also in this article on the 10 things to do in Orlando beyond theme parks, we think that visiting ICON Park is one of the best outings to do there. That’s because there you’ll find the Madame Tussauds wax museum, The Wheel Ferris wheel, the StarFlyer carousel and many other attractions.

All of its rides and museums are paid for, but you don’t want to spend, ICON Park is still a great place to go for a stroll, enjoy good live music and fireworks on holidays.

ICON Park in Orlando

10. Sporting events in Orlando

One of the most traditional outings in Orlando is to enjoy an NBA game, the national basketball league. In the city you can watch the Orlando Magic play at the Amway Center Arena. The game is a real spectacle, with mascots entertaining the crowd, cheerleaders and shows in between games.

If you’re more of a soccer fan, you can also catch an Orlando City game at the Florida Citrus Bowl, located just off Interstate 4. The team’s main color is purple, so if you’re going to the game, take a piece of that color and spread it around the crowd.

Orlando Magic game

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