Discover the top 20 things to do in Miami. There are many amazing attractions you can’t miss during your trip.

1. Relax on the beaches in Miami

Our first recommendation could only be about the beaches of Miami, which are some of the most beautiful in the world. Each one has its own style, but they all bring a breathtaking paradise-like beauty, well worth getting to know. 

Beaches in Miami

In Miami, there is Hollywood Beach, with one of the most incredible landscapes in the city, formed by its white sand and transparent waters.  

Additionally, Hollywood Beach has a large boardwalk that entertains residents and tourists alike. In other words, it’s the perfect place for those who enjoy exercising outdoors and playing team sports like volleyball, as well as biking along its boardwalk.

Hollywood Beach

As for Halouver Beach, it’s one of the largest in the city, with a vast stretch subdivided into various areas. One of them is reserved for nudism, attracting all kinds of people there.  

And another great beach in Miami is Matheson Hammock, one of the most unique in the city. The area features a natural park with a circular beach inside. More precisely, the area is a natural saltwater pool, refreshed with each tide. In this sense, the place has become one of the most unique beaches in the world, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 

2. Take a stroll along Ocean Drive in Miami 

Ocean Drive is the most important avenue in the city, where you’ll find numerous shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. It’s one of the liveliest areas in Miami, and you can enjoy it for free just by strolling along it. The avenue is located right by the sea, so after a nice walk, you can relax by the waters of the beach. 

Ocean Drive in Miami 

Furthermore, in a section of Ocean Drive, the Art Deco District begins. There are over 900 buildings there, showcasing the charming architecture of the 1920s, standing out from the rest of Miami. If you can, be sure to explore the area and enjoy the beauty of the city. 

3. Shop a lot at Sawgrass Mills Outlet near Miami

Within Miami, there’s the largest and best outlet in the entire country, the famous Sawgrass Mills Outlet. Located in Fort Lauderdale, the outlet boasts over 360 great stores, selling anything you desire. 

Sawgrass Mills Outlet

The Sawgrass Mills Outlet is easy to access, as it’s only 50 km from the city’s tourist center. Consequently, it ends up being the second most visited attraction in all of Florida. Inside, you’ll find everything from Adidas and Nike to Forever 21, Calvin Klein, and Prada. 

Other famous stores include GAP, H&M, M.A.C., Michael Kors and Converse. And the best part is, on the outlet’s official website, you can score unbeatable discounts to use at many brands. 

Sawgrass Mills Outlet

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4. Take a walk in South Pointe Park in Miami 

At the beginning of the famous Miami Beach, there’s South Pointe Park, a wonderful and wooded park. There, you can enjoy a connection with nature and then relax on the beach sands. 

South Pointe Park in Miami

South Pointe Park has good facilities to accommodate everyone. That’s because there are bathrooms, showers for children to play or adults to rinse off sand, a restaurant and a snack bar. In other words, it’s worth spending a day there to stroll, to run and even to fish. 

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5. Lincoln Road in Miami 

Just like Ocean Drive, Lincoln Road is another avenue full of shops, restaurants and cafes for you to enjoy both day and night. The area is considered the commercial center of Miami. As such, the avenue is closed to cars, allowing pedestrians to move around freely, making it almost like an open-air mall.

You can visit the space and have a great free stroll, but, if you can, we recommend taking advantage of the shops and restaurants on Lincoln Road. There are products with great value for money, as well as mouthwatering meals. 

6. Relax at the Botanical Garden in Miami   

A must-visit free attraction in Miami is the city’s botanical garden, the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. Established in 1962, the garden contains various types of plants, providing a fresh and beautiful environment.  

Botanical Garden in Miami

There, you’ll find palm trees, tropical plants, many flowers and even a Japanese garden. Its charm is well-known among visitors, who sometimes manage to rent it for weddings. Have you ever thought about getting married in Miami in one of the most beautiful gardens in the world? 

Botanical Garden in Miami

A visit to the Miami Beach Botanical Garden is usually quite quick, as it’s not very large. Moreover, since it’s located very close to the Holocaust Memorial, you can take advantage of the same day to explore all the surrounding attractions. 

7. Visit Coral Gables in Miami  

Coral Gables is a great option for you to explore in Miami, since it’s a very charming area with numerous restaurants and plenty of shops.  

Coral Gables in Miami

However, the highlight of the area is its public swimming pool, called the Venetian Pool. It’s a huge pool where you can swim in total comfort. 

8. Shop at Dolphin Mall in Miami 

At Dolphin Mall in Miami, you’ll find every store you can imagine. Located very close to downtown Miami, you’ll discover over 200 shopping options with plenty of clothes and accessories, such as Victoria’s Secret, Michael Kors and Tommy Hilfiger. 

The space also features some fast-food chains and restaurants, for you to enjoy a great lunch while taking a break from your shopping. 

Dolphin Mall in Miami

Additionally Dolphin Mall in Miami features a great cinema and a bowling alley to entertain its visitors.

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Dolphin Mall in Miami

9. Watch an amazing NBA game in Miami

Sports games in the United States are a unique spectacle. So, if you are travelling to Miami, you need to set aside a day to enjoy NBA (Basketball) and NFL (American Football) games. And we guarantee that even if you’re not a sports fan, you’ll be enchanted by the incredible experience of watching live at the stadium. So, take a day to watch the beloved city team, the Miami Heat.

NBA game in Miami

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10. Enjoy the evening at Española Way in Miami

There’s a region in South Beach Miami that bears a strong cultural influence from Mexico and Spain, called Española Way. There, much of the commerce, bars and restaurants follow both Spanish architecture and gastronomy.

The atmosphere is great for enjoying the night in Miami. You can savor delicious dishes at Mexican restaurants, dance the night away at Mango’s Tropical nightclub and much more.

Moreover, the area is known for its options of restaurants perfect for romantic dinners, so if that’s your goal, it’s definitely worth spending an evening at Española Way. And finally, on weekends, there’s a great craft fair in the area that attracts many visitors.

11. Visit the MDC and others museums in Miami

A free outing in Miami is at the MDC, a museum featuring modern and contemporary works. It’s located in the Freedom Tower, one of the downtown Miami buildings that became an architectural landmark of the city in 1925, the year of its construction.

There, you’ll see many works by different American artists in its 1400 square meters. The museum also hosts cultural lectures and super interesting events.

If you enjoy cultural outings, get ready to explore other excellent free-entry museums in Miami: The Wolfsonian-FIU, The Bass and the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA).

As for the Wolfsonian-Florida International University Art Museum and the Weintraub Observatory Star Show, they are free only on specific days of the month. So, keep an eye on the official websites of these museums and don’t miss the days with free entry.

12. Take yoga classes at Bayfront Park in Miami

You can enjoy one of the most beautiful parks in the city for free. The Bayfront Park in Miami is located in the downtown Miami area and spans over 130,000 square meters.

Yoga classes are held there three times a week for free. So, you just head to the park on Mondays and Wednesdays at 6 pm, and on Saturdays at 9 am. It’s worth joining a class and if it’s not to your liking, you can still enjoy all the beauty of Bayfront Park.

Bayfront Park in Miami

The space features many green areas perfect for relaxation and a great playground for kids. Additionally, the surrounding area of the park has great places for you to explore, such as the American Airlines Arena, the Bayside Marketplace in Miami, and Biscayne Bay.

13. Spend the day in Little Havana in Miami

If you’re traveling to Miami, you must visit the heart of Cuba in the city: Little Havana. By exploring the area, you’ll learn about Cuban culture and its influences in architecture, cuisine and art. And all of this while enjoying a free stroll in a lively area where you’ll feel like you’ve also traveled to Cuba.

Little Havana

14. Spend the night at a Miami nightclub

Miami has great options for those looking to enjoy the city’s nightlife. One of them is to spend the night at some of the many nightclubs in the city.

Mynt Ultralounge, for example, is one of the most sought-after venues in the city. The place is very elegant and boasts sophisticated decoration. Moreover, you’ll find plenty of beautiful people dancing to the beats of Florida’s top DJs.

LIV nightclub Miami

On the other hand, LIV nightclub is considered by many DJs as the best nightclub in the world. It is located within the Fontainebleau hotel, a sophisticated venue that also offers many dining options.

15. Ride the Metromover in Miami

Metromover is a free transportation service in Miami. Through it, you can observe many beautiful cityscapes, such as Biscayne Bay, skyscrapers and even some of the wooded parks. The vehicle operates from Monday to Thursday, from 5 am to 11 pm, with 3 routes, the main one leaving from the Museum Park station.

Metromover in Miami

16. Be enchanted at Wynwood Walls in Miami

If you’re into art, you need to visit the Wynwood Walls neighborhood, where outdoor art galleries are located. In 2009, several artists painted the walls of the area with the aim of revitalizing it, turning the space into a great tourist attraction.

Wynwood Walls in Miami

To visit all the more than 50 art galleries and museums in the area, you need to set aside at least a full day. It’s worth noting that on Sundays and Mondays, the galleries are closed.

17. Enjoy a Pool Party in Miami

A great way to enjoy Miami is by partying at the famous pool parties. These are poolside parties held at the city’s best hotels, most of the time. And of course, since it’s a pool party, it happens while the sun is still out, but many of them last until late at night, and it’s worth enjoying them to the fullest.

Pool Party in Miami

You need to buy a ticket for entry and pay for what you consume in there. Depending on the occasion, some parties offer open bars, providing unlimited drinks and food for a higher ticket price. To enjoy a Pool Party, research in advance which pool parties will be happening during the time you’re traveling.

18. Enjoy Miami’s bars

One of the best ways to spend the night in Miami is by chatting with your friends while enjoying the best drinks. Thus, it’s very worthwhile to enjoy Miami’s nightlife at some of its bars. We recommend Abbey Pub, perfect for beer lovers, as well as Transit Lounge, which is a bar-club, ideal for those who enjoy a livelier place with lots of music.

The best part about spending the night at a bar is that you also get to meet and interact with many other people from the city. And since Miami is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, there are many tourists coming from all over, providing the experience of getting to know new cultures from around the world.

19. Explore Miami Jungle Island

You need to visit Jungle Island, a safari zoo park in the city, extremely popular especially with children.

The jungle promotes an interactive experience between visitors and the wild animals of the space, which you don’t find elsewhere, such as macaws, parrots, white lions, beloved lemurs, penguins, and the Liger, an animal developed through the union of a tiger and a lion.

Miami Jungle Island

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