Learn how to get around Las Vegas. In the city, the variety of transportation options is remarkable, and they cater for all types of tourists.

How do I get around in a rental car in Las Vegas?

When thinking about how to get around Las Vegas, many tourists envision the experience of driving around the city in a convertible car, soaking up the unique atmosphere. If that’s what you’re looking for, you should know that the option of renting a car is very good indeed, and for many reasons.

With a rental car in Las Vegas, you’ll not only have the freedom to move around as you please, but you’ll also have maximum comfort and safety during your trip. Plus, this choice allows you to explore the entire city and its attractions in a more complete and convenient way.

How can I save money by renting a car in Las Vegas?

Many tourists who go there choose this option to have the freedom to get around, to be able to visit various places in the city, to go to the outlets and shopping malls with a trunk and to get to know the neighboring cities. So take a look at the tips below and make the most of it.

Book your car in advance

Make your reservation online as soon as possible, because another tip on how to plan a trip to Las Vegas on a budget, and get a cheap car, is to book as far in advance as possible and online. The earlier you book, the cheaper you’ll pay. It’s well worth it and you’ll save a lot with promotions, paying much less than renting a car on the spot.

Don’t rent a GPS in Las Vegas

Another good tip is not to rent a car with a GPS, as it costs a lot per day. Instead, you can buy a good American chip, like the one we listed above, unblocked for international calls and with unlimited Internet. That way, you’ll be able to use the map and location apps with your own cell phone.

Cars to rent in Las Vegas

Use this incredible price comparator

There are some car rental price comparators in Las Vegas (and throughout the United States) that are sensational and search all the main car rental companies there, finding the best prices and excellent deals.

We recommend one that you can use by going to the website and entering the date of your trip. It then searches for all the best car rental companies in Las Vegas.

If you want to do the search, click here on Car Rental Comparator. In just a few seconds, you’ll have all the options for renting a car in Las Vegas from the best companies on your screen, and you can choose the cheapest one. You really will save a lot.

More tips: prefer larger and reliable rental companies, such as Alamo, Hertz, Dollar, Budget and Avis. Take out basic insurance when booking, which is super important and is usually included in the price. But don’t fall for the companies who, when you pick up the car, try to push extra insurance that isn’t worth it.

Avenue in Las Vegas

Important tip: Las Vegas is a city that has many shows and tours. Always buy the tickets in advance. We always buy everything on this website that has the best price.

How do I get around by public transport in Las Vegas?

If you decide you don’t want to rent a car during your stay, the buses are also a good alternative for getting around Las Vegas. To give you an idea, there are 2 main options in the city that cost US$6 for an individual pass: the SDX and the Deuce Bus.

The Deuce Bus in Las Vegas has 2 floors, is air-conditioned and runs along the main areas of The Strip for 24 hours non-stop. This is therefore a very advantageous option for tourists, as these vehicles stop at practically all the best hotels and attractions in the city.

The SDX is a network of express buses that run between the north and south sides of The Strip. They operate daily from 9am to midnight, connecting the LV Premium Outlets shopping center to the South Strip Transfer Terminal. In fact, as they make fewer stops than the Deuce Buses, the journey between one point and another is faster.

Another suggestion on how to get around Las Vegas is by Monorail. The Monorail is a form of public transportation that runs on rails and provides a fast connection across The Strip. This way, in a matter of minutes and spending just US$5 for an individual pass, you can reach the best restaurants, bars, stores, spas, hotels and casinos, for example.

Important tip: To make the most of your trip is to stay in the best region. If you want, see our article here that explains the best area, hotels and how to save a lot on accommodation.

How do I ride the sightseeing bus in Las Vegas?

The sightseeing bus tour in Las Vegas, called the Big Bus, is an excellent tour for those who want to explore the “city of sin” in a practical way. On it, you’ll be on board a double-decker vehicle that takes you past the main tourist attractions. You can get off to see them better and then get back on and continue your journey (known as Hop On Hop Off).

To buy your ticket for the Las Vegas sightseeing bus tour, just click on this link and check availability. This is a VERY good website and, in addition to this specific tour, there are several other attractions, such as museums and even ticket combos, which can save you a lot of money.

The sightseeing bus tour in Las Vegas

How do I get around Las Vegas by cab?

Using a cab to get around Las Vegas can be a good option, as vehicles are widely available throughout the city. And although the fares are high, the journeys are usually short, meaning that the final price is worth it. If you want to get around The Strip, for example, the average cost will be around US$10, as the main attractions are close together.

However, if you need to make long journeys, a cab may not be the best alternative. To give you an idea, one of the longest routes is from the airport to the city center. The cost of this ride can vary between US$15 and US$20, or more, depending on the hotel you choose and the traffic conditions. For this ride, and many others, we suggest transfers, which we’ll explain below.

Cabs in Las Vegas

How do I get around by transfer in Las Vegas?

One tip we think is important for those who don’t want to rent a car or spend a lot on cabs is that the best way to get from the airport to the hotel, and vice versa, is by transfer. These days, they are cheaper than cabs and much safer, plus you don’t have to wait in queues and risk wasting time looking for one.

Unfortunately, as in every tourist city, we always hear reports of tourists being scammed by taxi drivers. They often charge a lot more than normal, or take much longer routes – which is very unpleasant, of course.


There is a very good website, Transfer Search, which is the largest in the world. It offers 3 transfer options: one way from the airport to the hotel, one way from the hotel to the airport or both (round trip). Just enter the airport you’re arriving at, the destination and choose the best option and type of car.

They give you the price, the journey time and all the information. We found it much cheaper than taking a cab from the airport and everything was always very quick and easy. It’s very worthwhile if you’re not going to rent a car. It’s also an excellent place to buy Las Vegas tickets and tours.

How do I get around Las Vegas on foot?

To finish off this article on how to get around Las Vegas for tourists, let’s explain how you can get around on foot. You should know that the city is used to a large number of pedestrians and is therefore full of wide sidewalks and suspended walkways, making it easy to get around.

Tourists walking in Las Vegas

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