How to Get Around New York for Tourists? This is a question many people have when they arrive in the city and don’t know about the forms of transport available there. So read this article and find out all about it.

How to get around New York by subway?

The most economical and practical way to get around New York is by subway. There are thousands of lines all over Manhattan. In addition, almost every tourist attraction has a subway station right in front of it, making it easy for tourists to get around.

They even provide an official subway app, with explanations of how the transportation works and how to get to certain attractions in the city.

In total, there are more than 450 subway stations, which are open 24 hours a day. All of them are identified by colors, numbers and letters, with the name of the street on which the station is located.

Subway station in New York

You can, in fact, go anywhere in the city, at any time, making your life much easier and saving on transportation costs. Plus, the interval between trains varies between 2 and 15 minutes at the most.

Remember that as the city’s main form of transportation, the subway is often very crowded, especially during rush hour.

How to get around New York by transfer?

The best way to get from the airport to the hotel is by transfer. They will take you from your hotel to the airport and vice versa, so you don’t have to fend for yourself when you arrive in the country. 

The transfer is very simple: there will be a driver carrying a sign with your name on it to meet you when you get off your flight. Then, he will take you safely to your hotel. The nicest thing is that everything is sorted out in advance, avoiding possible scams that are common against tourists when leaving the airport. 

You can search for the ideal transfer here. It’s our trusted site, where we find the best prices. They also sell other services, such as tour tickets, so you can book everything together and save a lot. 


How to get around New York by bus?

You can also go anywhere in New York by city bus. It has certain disadvantages, such as taking longer to get to your destination than the subway. However, by taking the bus, you can get to certain places that the subway doesn’t stop at. You can also enjoy the sights of the city on a quiet bus ride, as they are much emptier than the metro.

All the vehicles have their routes indicated at the top on a digital panel. Don’t hesitate to look at it to find out how to get where you want to go.

You can catch them at any bus stop in the city. They are spread out every two corners and you just have to stretch out your arm to stop it. To get off, simply touch the strip between the windows or press the “stop” button.

Bus in New York
  • How to use the MetroCard on public transportation in New York?

The MetroCard is the card used in New York to pay the subway and buses. A subway or bus ticket costs US$2.75, but if you buy one at a time, this rises to US$3.00. With the MetroCard, you have access to the 2-hour integration and various packages. With the “Pay-Per-Ride” card, you can put between US$5.50 and US$80 towards the balance and use it until the money runs out.

The “Unlimited Ride” is a different proposition. It promises unlimited rides until midnight, for 7 days, which costs US$32, or for a month, which costs US$121. Remember that the MetroCard can be bought at subway stations, but you need to buy one for each person, as it doesn’t pass more than once in a row.


How to get around New York by cab?

You’ll find plenty of cabs in there, especially on New York’s major avenues. But compared to other ways of getting around, we don’t recommend cabs, since they have a basic starting fare, which costs US$3.20. As a result, the final price is unpredictable and can be very expensive, even for simple journeys.

In this sense, it is best to travel by subway or rent a car.

Cabs in New York

How to get around New York by car?

By renting a car in New York, you can use it whenever you want, for as long as you want.  It’s also much cheaper if you share it with more people, compared to using a cab or public transportation. You’ll also be able to carry all your purchases and souvenirs in complete safety when you go to the outlets. 

When you arrive at the airport, just pick up your car there, at some of the car rental companies. Then, simply set the GPS for downtown New York or any destination of your choice. The drive to downtown is super simple and easy. 

Street in New York
  • How to rent a car in New York for a good price?

There are also important tips to save a lot on car rental in New York, even getting a full car and from the biggest car rental companies in the United States. The first tip is to rent the car as far in advance as possible. The sooner you reserve your car, the cheaper you will pay. If you leave it until later, there will be few cars available, prices will be higher and you run the risk of not getting the model you wanted.

Another tip is to research all car rental companies in New York. Prices vary a lot and sometimes some car rental companies offer great promotions. To make life easier for those who want to rent a car, there are a excellent car price comparators that compare the price of the car in all the biggest car rental companies in New York and the entire United States. See below.

  • Amazing car rental price comparator:

There are some car price comparators that are excellent and do all the work for you. You go to the website, enter the date of your trip and they search all the major car rental companies in New York, the United States and the world.

It’s the best way to find the best price among all companies, find incredible deals and save a lot on car rental in New York. If you want to do the research, click here on Car Rental Comparator.

In a few seconds, you will have all the car rental options in New York from the best companies on your screen and just choose the cheapest one. He has strong partnerships with car rental companies and therefore gets unbeatable prices.

  • IMPORTANT: When we are in another city, using the map and GPS on your cell phone is essential. That’s why it’s important to have your cell phone’s internet working. If you want, see here the best travel chip to use your cell phone in the USA.
Cars to rent
  • What about tolls in New York?

You’ll probably pass a few tolls on the highways. But most rental cars come with the Epass system, which means ‘without stopping’.

In other words, when you get to the tollbooth, just follow the sign to skip the queues and go straight through. When you pay for your rental car, you will be charged for the number of tolls you have passed.

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