Find out how to get from Orlando airport to your hotel. Although there are several ways to do this in the city, some ways are better than others. So take a look at our tips and find out what our recommendations are for this route.

How to get from Orlando airport to your hotel by car

Renting a car is the most comfortable way to get around Orlando. You can use it whenever you want, for as long as you want.

Plus, if you split the car rental bill with more people, it will be cheaper, especially when compared to cabs and public transport. You can also access all the main destinations in and around Orlando and take your shopping and souvenirs with you in complete safety. And finally, the hotel parking lot is free, saving you the extra expense of hiring this service.

Cars to rent in Orlando

When you arrive at the airport, just pick up your car there, at some of the car rental companies. Then simply set the GPS to your hotel in Orlando or any other destination of your choice. For example, the drive to downtown is easy. 

How do I rent a car in Orlando at an unbeatable price? 

There is an excellent car price comparison tool that does all the work for you. You enter the date of your trip and it searches all the major car rental companies in the United States and around the world. 

If you want to do the search, click here on Car Rental Comparator. In just a few seconds you’ll have all the options for renting a car in Orlando from the best companies on your screen and all you have to do is choose the cheapest one. 

Orlando's road

How to get from Orlando airport to your hotel by transfer?

If you’re not interested in renting a car, the best way to keep yourself safe and save money is to hire a transfer. They will take you from your hotel to the airport and vice versa, preventing you from having to fend for yourself when you arrive in the country. 

The transfer is very simple: there will be a driver carrying a sign with your name on it to meet you when you get off your flight. He will then take you safely to your hotel. The nicest thing is that everything is sorted out in advance, avoiding possible scams that are common against tourists when leaving the airport. 


You can search for the ideal transfer here. It’s our trusted site, where we find the best prices. They also sell other services, such as tour tickets, so you can book everything together and save a lot. 

How to get from Orlando airport to your hotel by taxi?

As in many places around the world, it’s very easy to find taxis at the entrances to Orlando airports. However, the price charged to get from there to places like International Drive, Orlando’s main street, for example, is around 55 dollars. This price ends up being quite expensive.

That way, by renting a car, you can get around the city and save much more than you would by taking a taxi.

Taxi in Orlando

How to get from Orlando airport to your hotel by bus?

There are some buses that you can take from the airport exit to your hotel area. That’s why we’ve decided to make this step-by-step guide so you know how to catch them.

  • First of all, go to terminal A, on floor number one. There, you’ll wait for the 111 Sea Harbor Dr and Grand Vacations Way bus, run by Lynx.
  • Then get off at the Sea Harbor Dr and Academic Dr stop, right next to Sea World park.
  • Thirdly, from there you will have to take the 08 Regency Village Dr and Vineland Ave bus. This will take you to International Drive, the avenue where most of the hotels are concentrated.

The whole journey takes around 1h30. However, taking 2 buses with lots of suitcases and even children is not the ideal option for those who want to rest after a long flight.

Buses at Orlando airport

How to get from Orlando airport to your hotel by Disney transfer?

To finish off this article on how to get from Orlando airport to the hotel, you should know that if your hotel is inside Disney, the complex itself provides a bus from the airport to the hotel. It’s called Disney’s Magical Express and to use it for free, you just have to book it in advance.

When you book the Disney’s Magical Express, the bus staff will take your luggage to your hotel room. In addition, the bus runs every day from 5 a.m. until 10 p.m.

Disney's Magical Express

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