To understand how to get from Paris airport to the hotel, stay here. In this article, we’ll give you some great tips on how to get out of the airport and start your trip quickly and safely without wasting time getting around.

First of all, how many airports are there in Paris?

To begin this article, it’s worth pointing out that there are two airports that receive tourists arriving in the city. They are Orly airport and Charles de Gaulle airport. From there, you can get to your hotel in various ways, such as by train, cab, car, transfer or bus, for example.

Below, we’ll explain more about all these ways.

1. How to get from Paris airport to your hotel by car?

Our first tip on how to get from Paris airport to the hotel, and one of the best options, is to make this journey by renting a car. This is a great way to get around the city, as it’s practical, gives you the freedom to move whenever and wherever you want (especially if you’re traveling with friends or family) and is great for getting around other cities in France.

There are some car rental price comparators in Paris (and throughout France) that are sensational and search all the main car rental companies there, finding the best prices and excellent deals. We recommend one that you can use by going to the website and entering the date of your trip. It then searches for all the best car rental companies in Paris.

If you want to do the search, click here on Car Rental Comparator. In just a few seconds, you’ll have all the options for renting a car in Paris from the best companies on your screen, and you can choose the cheapest one. You really will save a lot.

Cars in Paris

2. How to get from Paris airport to your hotel by transfer?

One tip we think is important for those who don’t want to rent a car or spend a lot on cabs is that the best way to get from the airport to the hotel, and vice versa, is by transfer. These days, they are cheaper than cabs and much safer, plus you don’t have to wait in queues and risk wasting time looking for one.

Unfortunately, as in every tourist city, we always hear reports of tourists being scammed by taxi drivers. They often charge a lot more than normal, or take much longer routes – which is very unpleasant, of course.

Transfer service in Paris

There is a very good website, Transfer Search, which is the largest in the world. It offers 3 transfer options: one way from the airport to the hotel, one way from the hotel to the airport or both (round trip). Just enter the airport you’re arriving at, the destination and choose the best option and type of car.

They give you the price, the journey time and all the information. We found it much cheaper than taking a cab from the airport and everything was always very quick and easy. It’s very worthwhile if you’re not going to rent a car. It’s also an excellent place to buy Paris tickets and tours.

3. How to get from Paris airport to your hotel by train and bus

From Charles de Gaulle airport:

This airport is very busy and is about 25 km from the center of the French capital. Charles de Gaulle has three terminals, the first of which covers international flights, the second – which is larger – handles many Air France, British Airways, American Airlines and other airlines. And the third is reserved for low-cost flights.

So, pay attention to the exits and signs at the airport, as you will probably arrive at the first or second terminal.

Wide view of Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris

By train (RER): the city’s train service is called the RER (Réseau Express Régional). The Charles de Gaulle train is the RER B, which has two stations, one serving terminals 1 and 3, and the final station, terminal 2.

The service is easy to locate at the airport, as signs help you find it. When you arrive at the station, you can buy your ticket and board. Many trains pass through Gare du Nord. If you get off at this station, you can access other RER and Metro lines that cover the city of Paris. From there, you can catch the line that will take you to your hotel.

Remember that it’s very important to plan which lines you want to take in Paris, as the train network is very complex and you can get lost.

By bus: buses, although slower than the RER, are also great for getting from the airport to the center, making them a good alternative for those who want to save money and don’t want to worry about the metro lines in Paris.

You can take the EasyBus from terminal 2F, leaving at number 5, and arrive at the final stop at the Louvre Museum. Or you can also take the RoissyBus, which goes straight from the airport to Rue Auber (its last stop), next to the Opera Garnier.

From Orly airport:

Unlike the former, Orly airport is smaller and operates many domestic and European flights, making it much quieter too. It is located in the south of Paris, 15 km from the center, and has two terminals that operate international flights: Orly Ouest and Orly Sud.

By train: at Orly, to get to the RER B station, you’ll need to take an automatic metro that connects the airport’s two terminals to the RER. The journey time to the tourist center is less than 30 minutes.

By bus: If you want to go to the center of Paris by bus, there is the Orlybus, which runs from the terminals to Place Denfert Rochereau. It’s a great option if you want to save money on your journey.

Important tip: Paris is a city that has many museums, attractions and tours. Always buy the tickets in advance. We always buy everything on this website that has the best price.

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