Do you want to travel to Miami? Check out the best tips on how to plan your entire trip to Miami and finally make the trip of your dreams come true!

Travel in low season months in Miami

Our first tip is the one that will save you a lot! Plan your trip for some of the off-season months in Miami.

It is at this time that the city receives fewer tourists and, consequently, many services lower their prices. Furthermore, you have much fewer queues at tourist attractions, restaurants are less crowded, hotels have more vacancies and countless other advantages!

In this sense, the best way to save in every aspect is to choose to travel during the low season. In fact, this applies anywhere!


High season in Miami includes every month of the school holidays, when many parents decide to travel with their children. So avoid December, January, July and August. If you can, it’s also worth avoiding the Easter holidays and Spring Break, an American school break that takes place in March.

How to save a lot on car rental

The city of Miami has many beaches and attractions spread across various regions of the city. To get to visit everything, the ideal is to use a rental car.

It’s the most comfortable way to get around on any trip. You can use it whenever you want, for as long as you want. There are also a lot more savings if you share it with more people, compared to using taxis or public transport. Additionally, you can access all the main destinations inside and outside Miami, such as Orlando, the famous city of Disney parks.

How to save a lot on car rental

Reserve your car in advance

A very simple tip for getting a good price on car rental is to book it in advance. Making your booking on the internet, you will get good prices and great promotions that will not happen if you book it in the physical store in Miami.

Don’t rent a GPS in Miami

As previously stated, it is not necessary to rent a GPS in Miami if you use a quality travel chip. This will save you around 120 dollars that would otherwise be used for this alone.

Use this incredible comparator

There is a car price comparator that is excellent and do all the work for you. You go to the website, enter the date of your trip and they search all the best car rental companies.

If you want to do the research, click here on Car rental comparator. In a few seconds you will have on your screen all the car rental options in Miami from the best companies and just choose the cheapest one. You will really save a lot.

Tip: choose one of the most famous rental companies on the market, such as Alamo, Hertz, Dollar, Budget and Avis. Don’t forget to take out basic insurance when booking, which is already included in the price. When picking up the car in person, many employees try to push extra insurance, which isn’t worth it, you’ll just spend more.

How to save on hotels in Miami

Hotels in Miami are where you leave a large part of your travel budget. Therefore, being able to find a cheap hotel will help you save a lot.

Certainly, the Miami Beach region is the most sought after by tourists. Therefore, their prices are much more expensive than in other places.

hotels in Miami

In Downtown, in the Brickell neighborhood, you can stay for much cheaper and still guarantee an incredible location in the city. In just 10 minutes you will be in Miami Beach. The best Miami area in our opnion.

Also, check the price of hotels north of Miami Beach, where there are other beautiful and peaceful beaches, but with much cheaper accommodation.

How to find cheaper bookings?

If you want to know what the best hotel reservations are, you need to use this hotel search engine. It will show you all the available offers and you can choose the one that fits your budget.

We always use this comparator and get unbeatable prices. Another advantage is that you can check the opinions of who have already stayed at the hotels, helping you decide which one is the best.

Using this reservation comparator, you can cancel your chosen hotel for free at any time. Most hotels on this search engine offer free cancellation! This helps you to save money, as you can book well in advance, guaranteeing the best prices. If you can’t go on your trip, just cancel and there will be no inconvenience.

Good hotels we stayed at Miami:

Hotel The Palms & Spa: a sensational resort hotel on the beach in Miami Beach, at a fair price.

Hotel Abae: the cheapest hotel we’ve ever stayed at in Miami Beach. It is good and the location is great.

Hampton Inn Hotel: Excellent hotel we stayed at in Downtown.

Save on attraction tickets and tours

Miami has several attractions that require a ticket. And there are several cool tours to do there, such as boat tours. We always use this website that sells all tickets and tours for all cities. There is everything there and the price is always the cheapest.

They also have a really cool free tour of all the cities. And it’s where we book the transfer to take us from the airport to the hotel. It’s cheaper and safer than taxis and Uber.

How to save on shopping in Miami

Miami is one of the most sought after destinations for those who want to buy a lot in the United States. The main place in town to find the best products is the Sawgrass Mills Outlet.

It is known for being the largest outlet in all of Florida, with more than 350 stores with all types of brands. So, without a doubt, if you want to go shopping, the first place you should go is to it.

Sawgrass Outlet Miami

Discount coupons

To save both at the outlet and in shopping malls, just use the Miami discount coupons.

All major shopping establishments have their own discount coupons, offering up to 50% for the most sought-after stores. And there’s no catch, just take it to the checkout and save a lot on your purchase.

Department store

You can also shop at some department stores in Miami. They are quite large and offer many products, which are often even cheaper than in outlets.

The best known are Marshalls, Ross and T.J. Maxx, which sell quality clothes at a reasonable price. It is worth mentioning that the products in department stores are those that have already been discontinued, which is why the price is much lower.

How to save a lot on travel insurance

To ensure your safety and that of your family in Miami, it is necessary to take out travel insurance. It protects you and offers assistance in any unforeseen circumstances, such as medical and dental assistance and luggage theft.

Remembering that a medical consultation in the United States costs more than 400 dollars. A hospital stay is, without a doubt, a fortune! We have already tested several companies and this one has been the best. It’s reliable and at a good price.

How to use your cell phone in Miami

During your trip to another country, you will need to access to quality internet to talk to your family, search for addresses, restaurants and much more.

Haulover Beach Miami

In some hotels in Miami, there is a daily fee to use the wifi, which is expensive and limits you to using the internet only within the hotel. Therefore, the best way to save on internet costs is to buy a prepaid chip from an international company. It ends up being much cheaper and offering a great signal in Miami.

We always use this Mobile chip. It’s electronic (eSIM), you install it instantly and you can use your cell phone’s internet anywhere in the world.

How to save money on tours in Miami

Miami Beaches

Miami’s main tourist attractions are its beautiful beaches. Therefore, you will spend almost nothing to spend a day there, you will only pay for what you eat.

To save money on meals, it’s worth doing some shopping at the city’s markets, such as Walmart and Target. There, you will find water, soda, snacks, fruit and much more that you would pay up to triple at kiosks on the beach.

Miami Beaches

Another tip for saving money at the beach is to buy your own umbrella and a large towel at the markets. The price of renting them on the beach for one day is almost the same as what you pay buying them on the market, but you can still reuse them whenever you want!

Ocean Drive

On Miami’s most famous avenue, Ocean Drive, there are many bar and restaurant options for you to enjoy the city’s nightlife and daylife. When passing in front of some of them, many promoters tried to lure him into their bars. This is when you can negotiate good deals.

Ocean Drive

One of the best known among visitors is Buy 1 Get 2, where you buy a drink and get another for free. In the end, you end up saving a lot.


In Miami clubs, there is a very easy way to pay much cheaper. Just arrive before 11pm, and tickets are usually at a good discount. With the money you save, you can still buy some drinks inside the place.

It is worth mentioning that drinks tend to be quite expensive, so a good idea is to drink before entering. Like a “pre-party”. And don’t forget that the best clubs in Miami Beach require a dress code.

Where to buy ticket games in Miami

Sports games in the United States are a unique spectacle. If you travel to Miami, you need to take a day to enjoy the NBA (Basketball) and NFL (American Football) matches.

And we guarantee: even if you don’t like sports, you will be enchanted by the incredible experience of watching it directly at the stadium. So, take a day to watch the city’s beloved team, the Miami Heat.

Ticket prices vary depending on the location you choose to watch the match. We always use this website, which offers great prices for all sports matches. We always use it and have had great experiences, as well as saving a lot.

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