Find out all about the New York Nightlife, with the main tours and places to visit in the city after sunset. New York is known as the city that never sleeps, and this nickname was not given for nothing. So, here, are some of the best things to do in there at dusk.

1. Bars in New York

There are many good bars to enjoy the nightlife in New York. They are excellent for meeting new people in the city while enjoying good drinks and snacks. There are several speakeasy-type bars, classified as “more secret”. Some of them, for example, are Employees Only and PDT.

However, to have a memorable night on the town, we recommend opting for bars that offer an incredible view of New York. They are perfect for spending the whole night and even watching a beautiful sunrise.

And for those who enjoy good live music, there are options such as Ulysses Folk House and Coca-Cola Dizzy’s Club.

Ulysses Folk House in New York

2. Nightclubs in New York

If you like to party all night long, New York’s nightclubs are a good choice for you. There are all kinds of nightclubs in the city that appeal to everyone, from the young and alternative to the old – and from those who want to spend little to those who like to splurge a lot.

Marquee, LAVO and Cielo are some of the great nightclubs in New York. They are located in Manhattan, close to the city’s commercial center and the main area where tourists stay. But many clubs are also located in Brooklyn.

To find out more, check out our article Unmissable nightclubs in New York, in which we list the main nightclubs for you to visit.

Marquee in New York

3. Musical and comedy performances in New York

Without a doubt, a great way to enjoy the nightlife in New York is to watch the performances that take place in the city. Radio City Music Hall, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and the Apollo Theater are some of the theaters where you can see many live musical shows.

You can also have a good laugh at stand-up shows such as the UCB, the Comedy Cellar, the Upright Citizens Brigade and the Carolines.

Radio City Music Hall in New York

4. Broadway in New York

If you’re traveling to New York, Broadway is a must-see in the city. This is where the most famous shows in the world are shown, due to the quality of their special effects, costumes, performances and many other aspects.

So our tip for getting even cheaper tickets for the company’s best shows is to use an excellent ticket sales website. They offer tickets for Broadway, museums and even ticket combos such as the CityPASS and the New York Explorer Pass. You can save a lot by buying combos of tickets for various attractions in the city.

Broadway in New York

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5. Times Square at night in New York

The city’s main avenue is one of the best places to go at night. In Times Square, you’ll find bars, restaurants, live music venues and many stores of all kinds. You can have a snack at the famous Hard Rock Cafe and go to some of the stores, such as the M&M store, Swatch, Sephora and the Disney Store, for example. Finally, you can see an incredible Broadway show in Times Square.

The best thing about this avenue is that most establishments open in the morning and close late at night. As a result, Times Square is always packed with visitors until the early hours, making it the main nightlife spot in New York. In the summer it’s really crowded.

Times Square at night in New York

6. Viewpoints at night in New York

There are a number of lookout points in New York that offer a beautiful view of the city. The main ones are the Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building. At night, you can visit them with far fewer queues and enjoy the beauty of the city’s nightlife. The Top of the Rock is open until midnight and the Empire State Building closes at 2am.

Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center in New York

7. Boat trip at night in New York

Finally, a great tip is to take a boat trip at night in New York. There is, for example, the “Harbor Lights Cruise”, a night tour of the East and Hudson rivers, offering incredible views of various city sights, such as Battery Park, Wall Street, the UN headquarters, the Chrysler Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Williamsburg Bridge and Ellis Island.

The tour starts every day at 7pm and lasts 2 hours, leaving from Pier 83.

Boat trip in New York at night

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