Get to know Orlando climate and weather by month. Before exploring the city, it’s essential to understand how the weather works there. That’s why we’ve put together some information that will help you a lot.

What’s the temperature like in Orlando?

To open this article on Orlando climate and weather by month, you should know that the weather in there is very warm and pleasant most of the year. Being located in the state of Florida, which has a tropical climate, Orlando tends to have high temperatures and little rain. There are basically two climates:

  • April to September: high temperatures and constant rain. But nothing that gets in the way of sightseeing.
  • October to March: slightly lower temperatures and little rain.

It’s worth remembering that the seasons in the United States are divided as follows: at the beginning of the year it’s winter, then spring, in the middle of the year it’s summer and then fall. There’s also rainfall: in summer it rains a lot, while in winter the climate is much drier.

Sunny day in Orlando

Here are the minimum and maximum temperatures for each month, as well as the rainfall rates:

1. Winter in Orlando

Winter in Orlando takes place in December, January and February, which are the coldest months of the year. At this time, the temperature drops mainly at night. Even so, it’s not that cold and most days the sun is out. In other words, you can get by with just a coat, since there is no snow in the Orlando winter.

The water parks are closed at this time, but you can visit Orlando’s main parks without any problems, which is great. Just don’t forget to always have a cold sweater in your backpack. Travel with pants and long-sleeved sweaters, but also have at least a pair of shorts and some clothes made of lighter material.

In addition to the traditional tours, in winter we recommend going to Orlando’s museums, which are usually air-conditioned. At night, when the cold is more intense, you can look for indoor places, such as Orlando’s shopping malls.

Winter in Orlando

IMPORTANT: The city of Orlando has many theme parks and attractions spread across various regions of the city. To get to visit everything, the ideal is to use a rental car. If you want, see our article here with all the tips on how to rent a good car at the lowest price.

2. Summer in Orlando

June, July and August are the summer months, when the weather in Orlando gets very hot, with an average temperature of 32°C. It’s a hot summer – and with high temperatures and temperatures above 40ºC, it’s common for it to rain almost every day, especially in the late afternoon.

But don’t worry, these are quick summer showers, which are over in a few minutes. They won’t get in the way of your walk. And as the climate is hot, you’ll be dry again in a few minutes. So, the tip is to have a simple raincoat in your backpack, which you can get very cheaply in Orlando supermarkets. DON’T leave it to the parks, where they can cost 5 times as much.

Daytona Beach near Orlando

For those going to Orlando in the summer, remember that the city at this time is synonymous with long queues and a lot of heat. The malls and outlets are air-conditioned, but in the parks make sure you use plenty of sunscreen and a hat, as well as drinking plenty of water during the day.

The hot and humid climate is ideal for visiting, in addition to the traditional tourist attractions, the beaches near Orlando, such as Daytona Beach and Clearwater, coastal towns that are only an hour’s drive away. It’s also worth going to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park and its neighbor Blizzard Beach, as well as Universal’s new Volcano Bay water park.

3. Spring and fall in Orlando

The best times to travel to Orlando, in terms of climate, temperature and the number of people in the city and the parks, are spring and fall. These are March, April and May, respectively, and September, October and November. In these months, the temperatures are great and the weather is very pleasant.

It’s not as hot as summer or as cold as winter. If you can travel at this time of year, as well as having the best temperature, you’ll get low season prices and rates, which is great. There are also shorter queues at the parks. And, depending on the day’s weather, you can take advantage of both the summer and winter sightseeing tips above.

Spring day in Orlando

When is hurricane season in Orlando?

Also in this article on Orlando climate and weather by month, it is important to know that, due to the tropical climate, there is a hurricane season in there, but there’s no need to worry. It officially takes place between June and November, but when there are hurricanes, they usually happen in September and October.

There aren’t hurricanes every year, and in any case, the city is very prepared for this event. The tip is to protect yourself when the storms are stronger than usual, or if you receive any warning messages on your cell phone (they usually track devices within the “risk” area).

Hurricane wind in Orlando

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