Check out our recommendations for the best restaurants in Orlando. Certainly, these are places that you can’t miss during your stay in the city.

Hard Rock Live restaurant in Orlando

Our first nomination among the best restaurants in Orlando is The Hard Rock Live. It is located within Universal Citywalk, a large complex where you can eat and drink in bars and restaurants, and even dance at nightclubs.

Serving everything, from snacks and drinks to more elaborate dishes, the Hard Rock Live restaurant is a great place to eat. If you’re traveling in high season, you can book your table to ensure you get a seat. But even if you don’t, there’s still a chance of getting a seat on the spot, as the space is very large.

The restaurant is decorated according to the predominant musical style, rock, with lots of paintings on the walls. It’s super quirky and different.

Olive Garden restaurant in Orlando

Olive Garden is our second tip among the best restaurants in Orlando. Since it’s an Italian restaurant, its strong point is its pasta dishes, which are delicious.

What sets it apart from other restaurants in Orlando is the good value for money, as they serve large, tasty dishes at a great price. And before the meal arrives, a basket of garlic bread is delivered, which is wonderful. There is also a starter with a delicious salad.

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Cheesecake Factory restaurant in Orlando

The Cheesecake Factory is one of Orlando’s great restaurants, located in the Mall At Millenia , one of the city’s most luxurious shopping centers.

It’s our favorite in Orlando because of its excellent quality. Its dishes are large and very delicious. Plus, you don’t need to book a table there, which makes it much easier. That way, you can go there after your walks around the city. May be a small queue at the entrance, but service is usually fast.

The restaurant’s traditional dish is cheesecake, which is served as a dessert. There are more than 20 different types and they are all really big. Meals are relatively large there, so go hungry.

The best burger restaurants in Orlando

Planet Hollywood: is inside Disney Springs, a place that simulates a mini city with various attractions such as shows, restaurants and stores with Disney products. Similar to Universal Citywalk, it is the ideal place to eat and buy your Disney souvenirs after a day at one of the parks.

Planet Hollywood is a great restaurant, which although we consider in the article to be a burger joint, serves everything. Its dishes are excellent, but what really stands out is the burger. Plus, it’s a much more luxurious space than a classic US fast-food joint. So you can book and go in the evening for a much more elaborate outing.

Shake Shack: is a fast-food chain that is found all over the world. Unlike the previous one, it only serves snacks. Despite this, the place is very pleasant, and its potato is one of the distinguishing features. It has a “crinkle” shape, which looks like a zigzag, and is extremely tasty.

You can find Shake Shack in many places in the city, especially at the Florida Mall, one of the best shopping malls in Orlando.

Five Guys: is our top 1 burger place. Their burgers are delicious and there’s plenty of food for you to enjoy. It’s so good that it has won the title of best burger in Orlando and even the whole of the United States a few times.

You can find it easily in many parts of the city, including the Florida Mall.

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