Find out where to go shopping in Orlando. Before you plan your shopping days in the city, find out how and where to shop so you can enjoy all the benefits and discover the best places.

1. Shopping in Orlando’s outlets

Premium Outlets in Orlando

We’ll tell you in advance that the most famous outlets in Orlando are, without a doubt, the two Premium Outlets in Orlando – one is on Vineland, and the other is on International Drive. They are the most famous and the biggest too, so a must-see on your trip.

They have more than 300 stores in each one, and it’s practically impossible not to find what you want in them. And, in our opinion, Vineland Premium is the best.

The other outlet, in the middle of International Drive, tends to be crowded due to its popular location. And when the outlet is full, it’s much harder to stop the car, you end up in huge queues and you get less variety of clothes. Stores like Nike and Tommy are impossible to get into, and all messy inside.

The Loop Outlet in Orlando

The Loop and Loop West is a great shopping center in Kissimmee, a county near Orlando. It’s very similar to the malls and outlets in Orlando, but its structure is a little different: The Loop has the big stores you always find when you’re shopping in Orlando, but the difference is that they’re separate, not glued together.

The place is very reminiscent of an outlet, with stores well spread out, and the ideal is to go by car to visit each one.

The Loop Outlet in Orlando

IMPORTANT: The city of Orlando has many theme parks and attractions spread across various regions of the city. To get to visit everything, the ideal is to use a rental car. If you want, see our article here with all the tips on how to rent a good car at the lowest price.

Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores Outlet in Orlando

The Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores shopping center is a small outlet located just 3 km from Disney World in Orlando. As it is an outlet little known to tourists, it is a great option for shopping without the crowds of people wanting to take advantage of the offers.

Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores is a quieter mall, more frequented by Orlando and Florida residents themselves, and has more than 100 stores selling the main brands of clothing, toys and electronics – including Gap, Levis, Carter’s, Aeropostale, Calvin Klein, Converse etc. Read more in Orlando’s Lake Buena Vista outlet.

Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores Outlet in Orlando

2. Shopping in Orlando’s malls:

The Florida Mall in Orlando

The Florida Mall, which is Orlando’s LARGEST mall, offers great discounts. There are stores like Vans, Birkestock, Tommy Hilfiger, Adidas and much more – for men, women and children.

To view and print the discounts that are currently available, just click here on Florida Mall Orlando Discount Coupons to access the mall’s official website. The procedure is the same as the others: take a “print” or print out the coupons that interest you the most.

The Florida Mall in Orlando

The Mall at Millenia in Orlando

The Mall at Millenia in Orlando has special promotions for its main stores, such as Gap, MAC, Sony, Neiman Marcus, Tommy, Guess and many other famous brands. Among the malls, it is undoubtedly the most luxurious and refined you will find in the city.

It’s a pleasant place to walk around, and you can set aside at least a whole day to visit the place and do your shopping in the stores there.

The Mall at Millenia in Orlando

3. Best stores to buy cell phones, notebooks and electronics in Orlando

Orlando has the best electronics stores in the United States. There are many options, but the main electronics stores in Orlando that you can’t miss are Best Buy (the largest electronics chain in the United States), Apple (one of the most desired brands in the world) and Target (a very popular store among Americans).

All of them are perfect for those who want to buy electronics such as cameras, TVs, iPods, iPads, laptops, computers, video games, games and all kinds of electronics. These stores are scattered all over the city and it’s very easy to find one.

Best Buy store in Orlando

4. Best department stores in Orlando

A great option for buying clothes, shoes and accessories in Orlando for a very cheap price are the department stores Ross, Marshalls and T.J.Maxx, which sell clothes from various brands for a very cheap price – even cheaper than some outlets.

These clothing stores are like a stock exchange and receive thousands of products from famous brands that are left over or out of stock. That’s why they’re so cheap. The only thing you need to have in these stores is patience, as they are large and not very organized. But it’s undoubtedly the place with the cheapest clothes in Orlando.

There’s also Macy’s, which is more organized and focuses not only on clothes, but also on accessories and cosmetics.

Macy's store in Orlando

5. Shopping at Walmart in Orlando

Walmart Supermarket is an incredible place to shop in Orlando and has become the new craze among tourists who visit the city and want to do all kinds of shopping.

There you’ll find a huge variety of food, drinks, clothes, souvenirs, electronics and everything else you can imagine. What’s more, it has the lowest prices and incredible offers. Walmart is the perfect place to buy Disney and Orlando souvenirs at low prices, much cheaper than inside the parks.

You can buy everything there – there’s even a pharmacy – and the good thing is that it’s open 24 hours a day. So it’s a great place to stop in the middle of the night if you need to. It’s one of the best places to buy medicines, vitamins, make-up and shampoos too.

Another similar supermarket that sells everything is Target. It’s well worth a visit, as it’s one of the places we most like to go to in Orlando.

  • Important tips for shopping in Orlando

If you’re going to be doing a lot of shopping, take a wheeled suitcase or a large backpack when you go to the malls and outlets, so you can carry your bags more conveniently. In a few hours you’ll be full of purchases, and it’s not easy to carry them around all day. And you’ll see that a lot of people do it.

Orlando’s outlets, malls, parks and tourist attractions are far apart, and it’s unavoidable to rent a car, both to get there and to carry your shopping. If you want, check out our article on how to rent a cheap car in Orlando, with all the tips and information.

But beware: don’t keep your purchases in the car while you continue shopping in the outlets and malls, as this is not safe. Carry all your purchases with you until the end, and only put them in the car when it’s time to leave. After shopping, avoid stopping at other stores on the way or to eat. Always go straight to the hotel to collect your purchases.

Shopping in Orlando

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