Have questions about where to stay in Miami? See now the best place for you to stay and how to get the best prices!

Miami areas

The city of Miami has many different areas for you to stay: the southern part called South Beach, the northern part called North Beach and downtown Miami.

It is also possible to stay in some cities and neighborhoods on the outskirts of Miami, which tend to be cheaper and quieter. Coral Gables, Key Biscayne and Hollywood Beach, for example, are some of these regions.

The best way to decide which region you should stay in is knowing what each one has to offer. South Beach is the trendiest area in Miami, with many bars, restaurants, clubs and lots of excitement.

However, if your priority is to be close to paradisiacal beaches and hotels with incredible infrastructure, it is worth staying in North Beach.

And of course, knowing the price in each region is also a very important factor. In South Beach, there are hotels with the most expensive rates. In North Beach, many end up costing the same as in South Beach, but offering hotels with much better infrastructure.

See all the accommodation options in our favorite area of ​​Miami here.

The places that offer the most affordable prices, without a doubt, are the neighboring cities and the Downtown Miami. It is worth noting that in all areas there are some cheaper options, it will just be more difficult to find them.

Best hotels in Miami

There are many excellent hotels in Miami. One of them is the Clevelander, one of Miami’s postcards, which also has one of the best bars in the city. Its guests highly recommend the unique experience of staying there.

Another highlight is the Circa 39 hotel, located in a region with many attractions. The hotel’s highlight is its relaxing pool, surrounded by chairs and cabanas to spend the day.

Like the previous one, Circa 39 also has a great bar called The Play Bar and Lounge, for you to enjoy a lot during the night. It is worth mentioning that the daily rate is around 80 dollars.

Hotels we stayed at on recent trips:

Hotel The Palms & Spa: a sensational resort hotel on the beach in Miami Beach, at a fair price.

Hotel Abae: the cheapest hotel we’ve ever stayed at in Miami Beach. It is good and the location is great.

Hampton Inn Hotel: Excellent hotel we stayed at in Downtown.

How to find the cheapest hotel?

If you want to know the best hotel reservations, you need to use this Miami Hotel search engine. It will show you all the available offers and you can choose the one that fits your budget.

We always use this comparator and get unbeatable prices. Another advantage is that you can check the opinions of who have already stayed at the hotels, helping you decide which one is the best.

Our tip is that when you do the search, filter by “Neighborhood”, where you can select the regions, and also in “Guest reviews” choose “Very good and above”. This way, you will guarantee excellent accommodation at a great value for money!

Using it only gives you even more benefits. You can, for example, cancel your chosen hotel free of charge at any time. Most hotels on this search engine offer free cancellation!

This helps you save money, as you can book well in advance, guaranteeing the best prices. If you can’t go on your trip, just cancel and there will be no inconvenience.

Save money on your trip to Miami:

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