Get to know Las Vegas climate and weather by month. After reading this article, you’ll understand a little more about the weather conditions in this city. That way, you’ll be able to plan your trip accordingly.

All about the weather in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is located right in the middle of the Mojave Desert, in the state of Nevada. As such, it has a climate classified as desert. This means that the city experiences extremely hot summers and moderately mild winters.

Plus, Las Vegas is known for its low rainfall rates. In other words, it rains very little throughout the year, and the city enjoys many sunny days. However, it is always advisable to check the specific weather forecasts when planning a trip, as conditions can vary.

Road connecting Las Vegas in the middle of the desert

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Summer in Las Vegas (June 21 to September 20)

Summer in Las Vegas, as throughout the United States, lasts from June 21 to September 20. During this time of year, temperatures in the city usually exceed 104 °F and rarely drop below 79 °F. And as the humidity is low, even though the nights are cooler, they are still relatively hot.

Tips on what to do in summer in Las Vegas: the summer climate in Las Vegas is one of high temperatures and intense heat. For this reason, most hotels offer spacious swimming pools, and there are also plenty of indoor entertainment options. In other words, you can have lots of fun in comfortable surroundings, without the need to be exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Tips on summer prices in Las Vegas: the summer months correspond to the low season. As a result, all travel items such as airline tickets, food and accommodation are a little cheaper. So if you want to save a lot of money, don’t waste time and go to the city during this period.

Clothing tips for enjoying summer in Las Vegas: this is a season of high temperatures. It is, therefore, advisable to pack light clothing, comfortable shoes, hats, sun cream and a bottle of water. Don’t forget to pack bathing suits to enjoy the city’s incredible swimming pools and water parks.

Crowded pool party in Las Vegas

Fall in Las Vegas (September 21 to December 20)

Fall in Las Vegas covers the period from September 21 to December 20. During this season, temperatures begin to drop, resulting in cooler weather as the days progress and winter approaches. Therefore, in September, the thermometers there mark a maximum of 95 °F and a minimum of 70 °F. By November, however, they have stabilized at around 62 °F.

Tips on what to do in fall in Las Vegas: the milder temperature makes Las Vegas a very pleasant place for walking and outdoor excursions. In other words, you can explore the many hotels, casinos and entertainment venues along the famous avenue The Strip; go to the Old Las Vegas area, visit the outlets; and take incredible tours of the area.

Tips on fall prices in Las Vegas: the fall months correspond to the high season there. As a result, all the items on your trip, such as airline tickets, food and accommodation, are more expensive. Plus, the city gets very crowded, as the weather is very pleasant for doing a lot of sightseeing.

Clothing tips for enjoying fall in Las Vegas: even with the lower temperatures, fall in Las Vegas doesn’t have an extremely cold climate. That’s why we recommend packing light clothes, but not forgetting jackets and long pants, which can be worn when the temperature drops – more in November and December.

Fall decor in a Las Vegas hotel

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Winter in Las Vegas (December 21 to March 20)

Winter in Las Vegas is relatively mild compared to other parts of the country. However, it is still quite cold, especially for visitors who are not used to low temperatures. To give you an idea, daytime thermometers in the city vary between 50 °F and 68 °F, but some nights they often drop below 32 °F.

As well as being the coldest time of the year, winter is also the rainiest season in Las Vegas. So, if you’re planning a trip during this period, expect rainy days. And although it’s rare, snow can occur there.

Winter in Las Vegas

Tips on what to do in winter in Las Vegas: during this colder season, give preference to the city’s indoor tourist attractions. These include themed hotels, which are a good choice at any time of year, and shopping malls. It’s also worth seeing shows such as Cirque du Soleil and gambling in the casinos.

Tips on winter prices in Las Vegas: the winter months in Las Vegas correspond to the low season, as the intense cold keeps most visitors away. However, during the end-of-year festivities, such as Christmas and New Year’s, the city is busier. In other words, prices at this time of year tend to be in the middle ground, neither too expensive nor too cheap.

Clothing tips for enjoying winter in Las Vegas: because of the lower temperatures, it’s best to bring comfortable but warm clothes to Las Vegas. So pack some heavy coats, gloves, hats, ear muffs and lip balm, for example.

Ice skating in Las Vegas

Spring in Las Vegas (March 21 to June 20)

Spring in Las Vegas is a very pleasant season, marked by mild temperatures and sunny skies. Even with the cold nights, the city is very pleasant during the day, as the highs increase until summer arrives. In March, for example, the thermometers there reach up to 70 °F. In May, however, temperatures reach 89.6 °F.

Tips on what to do in spring in Las Vegas: spring brings with it the blossoming of vegetation in the desert, creating colorful and vibrant landscapes around the city. So take the opportunity to walk around the city, observing the gardens and public areas that display a variety of flowers during this season.

Tips on spring prices in Las Vegas: spring represents the busiest months for restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions in Las Vegas, as it is the city’s high season. So be prepared to spend more money on every item on your trip.

Clothing tips for enjoying spring in Las Vegas: in your suitcase, we recommend that you pack light and comfortable clothes, such as t-shirts, shorts, shorts, blouses and dresses. But it’s also important to pack warmer clothes, especially for the evenings, when it’s common for the weather to cool down.

Spring day in Las Vegas

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