See all about Munich Nightlife. With lots of tips on bars, clubs and other outings, you’ll discover that the city never stops, not even at night.

Beer gardens in Munich

The most traditional in the city are the biergartens, or “beer gardens”. These are usually large spaces where all the customers share a table, which is usually long and made of wood, and have fun drinking and trying traditional German beers.

Some typical brewery names are: Hirschgarten, Chinesischer Turm (in the Englischer Garten), Hofbrauhaus and the Augustiner Braustuben.

Beer garden in Munich
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Enjoy Munich’s bars

Munich’s bars are very diverse. Not only are there places to suit all tastes and in all areas of the city, but many have live music, exclusive dance floors and even chill-out areas for those who prefer to chat more freely and quietly. It’s well worth getting to know them to enjoy the evenings during your trip to Munich.

Bar in Munich

Party in Munich

If you want to spend the night dancing and having fun, check out our list of nightclubs in Munich. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Many of the clubs are in the city center, so it’s perfectly walkable if you’re staying there. Safety is another of the city’s strong points, so don’t worry about walking back late. Of course, every city has its worst areas, especially at deserted times, but it’s very peaceful there and you’ll find that many people do the same.

Nightclub in Munich

Enjoy Munich’s squares

There are many squares in Munich that are lively and very busy at night. During the day, they are the stage for tourists in search of attractions, monuments and historic buildings and at night, they turn into an incredible atmosphere, full of restaurants, bars and lots of entertainment.

Odeonsplatz, for example, is one of them, housing some of Munich’s varied restaurants. Marienplatz is another square which, as well as being famous for its town hall building, the Neues Tahaus, is also home to many bars, cafés and nightclubs.

Marienplatz in Munich at night
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Extra tip: when is the nightlife in Munich?

Nightlife in Munich starts around 5pm, when most people get off work. Depending on the season, there are different areas for drinking.

In the summer and warmer months, for example, the famous biergartens open and fill up very quickly, closing at around 11pm. Around this time, people start heading to other bars and pubs in Munich. Some bars have fun programs, which means that the night is spent there. But there are still those who just do a “second warm-up” and end the night at the clubs.


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