Discover the best shopping malls in Porto. The city has a wide range of options for those who want to do some great shopping. So, by reading this article, you’ll be able to make an incredible itinerary.

1. Shopping Cidade do Porto

This shopping center is near the Bom Sucesso Market, in the Boa Vista area. It has 4 floors with 112 stores, such as Zara, Mango, Benetton, O Boticário and many others.

There, you can also shop at the Froiz supermarket, a Spanish brand with excellent products. In addition, the mall has two food courts and four cinemas for you to enjoy.

  • Address: Rua de Gonçalo Sampaio 350, 4150-365 Porto.
Shopping Cidade do Porto

2. Norte Shopping near Porto

Norte Shopping is a shopping center located near Matosinhos and is one of the most modern in the country. And no wonder, as there are 264 stores, with prestigious national and international brands.

One of the main ones is Primark, as its main branch is in this shopping center. Primark is one of the most loved and sought after by tourists, as it covers departments and shopping areas such as fashion (women’s, men’s, children’s and sportswear), footwear, bags, accessories and even home and office products.

There you will also find restaurants, movie theaters and play areas for children, as well as a fitness club and many other services.

  • Address: Rua Sara Afonso, 4460-841 Sra. da Hora.
Norte Shopping near Porto

3. Arrábida Shopping near Porto

This shopping center is on the other side of the bridge that connects Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia. It has around 170 stores, such as Worten electronics, Sport Zone, Mango, Sfera and O Boticário, as well as a supermarket, Jumbo.

You can also stop by the food court, which has around 30 restaurants and a leisure area with a bowling alley. Another place you can’t miss is the shopping center’s balcony, which overlooks the River Douro and the entire city of Porto.

  • Address: PCT de Henrique Moreira 244, 4400-346 Vila Nova de Gaia.
Arrábida Shopping near Porto

Extra tip:

Understand how to use Tax Free for your purchases in Porto

Tax Free is a very common feature in some countries and Portugal is one of them. It works for tourists who, when buying outside their country of residence, receive a discount on the taxes added to the price.

To get Tax Free, you first need to spend more than 61.35 euros and be sure that the store offers the possibility of a refund.

After that, you just have to ask for the Tax Free at the checkout; the attendants will give you a form to fill in on the spot. Please note that you will need to provide your name, passport number and country of residence on this form.

Tax Free refund in Portugal

We recommend that you have these documents with you at the time, as you may be asked to show your passport, for example.

Please note: the store is not responsible for refunding your money. You can choose in the store, when filling in the form, whether you want to get the money back at the airport – at the end of your trip – or by depositing it on your credit card.

At the end of your trip, all you have to do is hand in all these receipts and forms to the customs or federal police at the airport. From there, simply go to customs or to the part of the airport marked “tax refund”. Once this is done, you need to present all the forms and proof of purchase.

Depending on the agent, they may ask you to show them the products you’ve bought. So, if you can, separate only the items you want to recover the tax on in a suitcase. After this review, the agents will stamp the documents and inform you of the procedure for recovering the tax.

Shopping bags

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