Know all about the best SIM card for traveling to London . We’ve given you a tip for an excellent international SIM card, so you can stay connected to the Internet throughout your trip to the city.

Why do you need Internet in London?

It’s essential to have good Internet in London, as most of the tourist attractions have apps and need Internet to work. In fact, if you need an Uber at your destination, which is a cheaper option than a cab, the Internet is totally necessary. Not to mention access to GPS, which helps you navigate, the weather forecast and social networks, which have become essential in everyday life.

City of London

Find out about travel chips to use in London

There are companies that sell super-cheap prepaid SIM cards that you can put in your cell phone and use the Internet at will in London, paying much less. They are called travel chips or travel sim. They are chips that work with the telephone network in the Europe itself.

It really is the cheapest and easiest way to use your cell phone abroad. Most of them provide high-speed Internet. As there are now applications such as Skype and WhatsApp, which allow you to call people using just the Internet, you can make calls too. 

Mobile chip

Nowadays, there are two chips, the physical one and the virtual one. Newer cell phones already have eSIM technology, which is a virtual SIM card. You buy your SIM card on the website, receive an email with a code and install it on your phone straight away. It’s much easier.  

For those who don’t have a cell phone with eSIM yet, you can just buy and receive the physical SIM card at home in a few days. The company’s websites have a list of cell phones that already accept eSIM. 

What is the best SIM card for London? 

After all these years of testing various SIM cards to use your cell phone at will in London, and traveling all over the world, the one we think we can recommend the most is this travel SIM card. We’ve used it on the last few trips we’ve made. 

Some of the things that stand out about this SIM card are the excellent coverage, the unlimited Internet, the fantastic signal and the service, which is great and super-fast. Furthermore, there are other phone companies that sell chips and say they’re cheaper, but when you buy them, you must add a lot of extra services and days. It’s worth doing the math properly to choose the cheapest one and not be fooled by the initial price. 

People using their cell phone in London

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