Discover when is the best time to visit Orlando. It’s true that the city is extremely touristy, so at any time of year it will be ready to welcome you. However, there is the high season and the low season, which have characteristics that are worth evaluating.

High and low season in Orlando

According to the number of visitors to Orlando during certain periods, we can divide the months of the year into high season and low season. Therefore, the high season months are the time when the city receives the highest number of tourists. In other words, all the sites are packed, the parking lots are full, there are huge queues for the attractions in all the parks and countless other problems.

On the other hand, in low season, there are few tourists in Orlando. You can therefore visit many of the tourist attractions, which are emptier. In addition, hotel rates are cheaper, among other advantages. That’s why we’re going to advise you on the best months to travel and which months to avoid.


Worst months to go to Orlando

End / Beginning of the year

The main high season in Orlando is late December and January, coinciding with the school vacations. This is when the parks will be at their busiest, especially during weekends and specifically during the Martin Luther King holiday, which takes place on the third Monday in January.

Plus, in this period it’s winter in Orlando. Therefore, you should plan to bring the right clothing to withstand the city’s cold wave, which varies between 10 and 22 degrees Celsius. You also won’t be able to count on Orlando’s water parks. All of them close during the city’s winter.

Secondly, by traveling to Orlando during the month of December, you’ll be able to enjoy the city’s Christmas delicacy, with its parks, shopping malls and streets decorated with themed decorations. Our recommendation is to visit the city during the first fortnight, when traffic is lower than in the other months of the high season.

Christmas parade at Magic Kindgom in Orlando

In February, the weather eases up a little, as this is the time of year with the lowest rainfall. Therefore, it’s a good time to visit the parks, although they are mainly full on the third Monday of the month, when there is the President’s Day holiday.

In Orlando, there is also Spring Break, a school recess during February, which can cause crowds in the parks. For fashion lovers, February is the best month to go shopping, as this is when the stores change their collections, around the second half of the month.


Similarly to the previous season, during the middle of the year there are also a large number of tourists in the city due to the school vacations. Certainly, the busiest months are July and August, with June being the start of the influx of tourists, which means it’s the best month in the middle of the year to visit the city’s attractions.

In contrast to Orlando’s winter, the temperature in the middle of the year varies between 22 and 36 degrees Celsius, calling for cooler clothes and extra attention to hydration. Also, as most of the parks are open-air, remember to take good sunscreen.

With a cool temperature, the middle months of the year are the busiest time at Orlando’s water parks. You can also choose a good hotel with a pool to enjoy the sunny days.

June in Orlando

  • Tips for dealing with the high season

Following this article on when is the best time to visit Orlando, if your goal is a family trip to Orlando, it’s very difficult to avoid the high season as it coincides with all the school vacation months. Despite this, you can still have a comfortable trip.

So, the main tip is: book in advance. From airline tickets to hotels and restaurants. It’s a busy time and prices go up a lot. Another thing that will make your life easier is to bring the right seasonal clothing, so you won’t be dependent on buying a lot of necessary clothes in the city.

High season in Orlando

Above all, a tip that will save you stress during the day is to get to the parks and other tourist attractions early. There’s a lot of traffic at this time of year, so the earlier you arrive, the more time you’ll have to enjoy each attraction, as there will be fewer people queuing.

Finally, avoid public holidays. This is the busiest time of the month on the streets. You can take advantage of these days to enjoy the comfort of your hotel pool, for example.

Best months to go to Orlando

More on the subject of when is the best time to visit Orlando, it’s important to know that the other months of the year can be classified as medium or low season. March and November fall into the medium season because the school season ends and begins. The low season therefore falls between April and May, as well as September and October.

The last two months, September and October, have milder weather, making them the perfect time to travel to Orlando. You’ll find the best prices, the shortest queues and you can go to any park with peace of mind.

Low season in Orlando

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