Find out where to stay in Berlin. In this article, we’ll show you the main areas and neighborhoods of the city. And, as a bonus, we’ll give you some tips on how you can find incredible hotels there.

What’s the best neighborhood to stay in Berlin?

Staying in Berlin’s historic center offers many advantages. This is because visitors can stay within walking distance of the city’s main attractions. In addition, there are a variety of hotels located in this area, many of which are strategically close to the best tourist attractions. In other words, you can get around on foot or by public transport.

By staying in Berlin’s historic center, tourists will be close to famous sites such as the Reichstag and Berlin Cathedral. The area also has many squares and a multitude of restaurants, cafés and stores.

If you want more details on where to stay in Berlin, the best neighborhood and hotels, click here. This will open a map we’ve put together showing all the accommodation in this area. We’ve even set the filter to only show places with a rating of 8 or more. This way, you’ll see quality accommodation.

All you have to do is enter the date of your trip to see the prices and choose the one you prefer. If you stay within the area delimited by the orange line on the map, you’ll be in the historic center.

Area of the best hotels in Berlin

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1. Mitte district: the city’s historic center is a great place to stay as it is close to the main tourist attractions, such as the Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island and Alexanderplatz. In addition, the neighborhood is known for its cultural diversity, with many restaurants, bars, art galleries and stores.

Another advantage of staying there is the excellent public transport infrastructure. With several metro stations and streetcars, tourists have easy access to other parts of the city. This makes it quicker and more convenient to visit the places you want.

2. Prenzlauer Berg district: is one of Berlin’s most popular and beloved districts. Located on the former eastern side of the city, Prenzlauer Berg has undergone a transformation since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Today, Prenzlauer Berg retains much of its original charm, but has also modernized. The streets are full of cafés, bars, restaurants, stores and art galleries, without losing their cozy atmosphere.

3. Kreuzberg district: is a diverse and lively neighborhood located in the heart of Berlin. In the past, it was home to immigrants, artists and political activists, and it retains this multicultural character to this day.

Kreuzberg is also known for being a gastronomic paradise, with a wide variety of restaurants serving food from all over the world. It also has markets and fairs where tourists can find local products, antiques, art and crafts. One of the most famous is the Markthalle Neun Street Food Market.

Despite being an urban neighborhood, Kreuzberg also offers green areas, such as Viktoriapark, where tourists can rest and picnic, for example.

4. Friedrichshain district: is another energetic neighborhood in Berlin, located next to Kreuzberg in the eastern part of the city. During the division of Berlin by the Wall, Friedrichshain was located on the eastern side and was an industrial center.

After reunification, the district underwent a significant transformation, attracting residents including artists and young people. It has many bars, clubs, art galleries and cultural venues. Simon-Dach-Strasse is a famous street in the neighborhood, lined with bars and restaurants offering a variety of dining options and nightlife.

5. Charlottenburg district: finally, still on the subject of where to stay in Berlin, Charlottenburg is one of Berlin’s most elegant districts, located in the western part of the city. Historically, Charlottenburg was a separate city, but it was incorporated into Berlin at the end of the 19th century.

One of Charlottenburg’s main attractions is Charlottenburg Palace, which is the largest palace in Berlin and an important historical landmark. In addition, Charlottenburg is known for the Kurfürstendamm, or simply Ku’damm, one of Berlin’s most famous shopping streets, full of stores, restaurants and cafés.

How to find great hotels for the best prices in Berlin?

A good tip for finding great hotels at incredible prices in the area you want to save a lot on your stay is to use this Berlin Hotel Finder. We always use it because it’s the largest hotel booking site in the world, so it’s the best place to book with confidence and security.

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Hotel in Berlin

An excellent tip is to filter your search by “Neighborhood”, where you can select the regions, and also “Guest reviews” and put “Very good upwards”. You’ll get a search with the best hotels, in the best areas and with excellent guest reviews. It’s a guarantee of excellent accommodation at the best price in Berlin. And check out the free cancellation tip below, which is great and very worthwhile.

Finally, another great tip for those booking a hotel is that this search engine has a very strong partnership with the establishments and they offer free cancellation for most hotels. So, when you search, just check the hotels that say “Free cancellation”. So you can book your hotel right away, to guarantee the price, and if you later find a better one or don’t want to stay there, just cancel.

It’s super simple and free of charge. As prices rise very quickly from one day to the next and the best hotels sell out quickly, our tip is to go in and book into a good hotel to guarantee it. We’ve even found ourselves without the hotel we wanted and paying more for another one in a matter of hours.

Room at Meininger hotel in Berlin

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