How to get around Berlin for tourists? This is a frequent question, but, in the city, the variety of transport options is remarkable, and they cater for the most varied types of tourists. That’s why we’ve decided to give you more information about them.

How to get around by car in Berlin?

Renting a car in Berlin is an excellent option, as the tourist attractions, outlets and some neighboring towns are a bit far away.

What’s more, the whole of Germany is wonderful to explore by car. That’s because you’ll be able to visit many tourist attractions and make beautiful trips to Munich, Frankfurt, Brussels or Amsterdam, for example.

Not only are the roads beautiful and very safe, but the towns along the way are lovely to visit. In Germany, there are the famous Autobahns, which are roads with no speed limit, providing an incredible experience for those who enjoy driving.

Cars in Berlin

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Cars to rent in Berlin
  • Important tip: To make the most of your trip, staying in the best area is essential. So, if you want, check out our article explaining the best region, the hotels and how you can save a lot on accommodation.

How to get around by cab in Berlin?

The cab system in Berlin is efficient and modern, offering a practical way of getting around the city. However, it can often be less than economical. That’s why you should do your research beforehand to find out which means of transport are available for the journeys you want to make in the German capital.

Compared to public transport, cabs can be faster, especially if you’re traveling to places less accessible by metro or bus. They are also available at any time of the day or night, which can be useful if you have an early or late flight.

During peak hours, traffic in Berlin can be heavy, which can increase the cost of the ride and travel time. The city has an excellent public transport system that is more economical and efficient, especially for shorter distances or frequent trips.

Cab in Berlin

How to get around by public transport in Berlin?

Bus and streetcar stops in the city are identified by an “H” on a post or column. At each stop, there are tables showing the lines that pass through and their timetables.

Trains and metros are identified by “S” or “U” respectively, followed by the name of the station. These two options exist because they are operated by two different companies, but the price is unified, so you can take either one.

Buses in Berlin
  • Important tip: Berlin is a city that has many museums, attractions and tours. Always buy the tickets in advance. We always buy everything on this website that has the best price.

Learn about the types of tickets for public transport in Berlin

The single ticket is valid for all public transport in Berlin and lasts for two hours – from the moment you stamp it. It is valid for any direction, but once you choose a direction, you can’t change.

You can change transport at will, but you can’t change direction. The ticket costs €2.60. The weekly ticket, as the name suggests, is valid for one week from the moment you stamp it. It allows you to travel in either direction, i.e. round trip. The weekly ticket costs 28€.

The day ticket allows you to travel in any direction, changing between any means of transport or using just one, until 3am the next day. It costs 6.40€. Remember that there are no turnstiles, but the responsibility for paying for the ticket (stamping) lies with each person. Guards frequently check tickets, and if you haven’t paid, a fine is inevitable.

Ticket machine in Berlin

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