We’ve selected the 15 main theme parks in Orlando so that you can get to know them all better before you go.

The 4 parks of the Walt Disney World complex in Orlando

1. Disney’s Magic Kingdom park: one of the greatest symbols of the whole state, Magic Kingdom is the park where Cinderella’s castle is located. Plus, it is a magical place that illustrates many photos of tourists and that’s where you’ll find the classic Disney studio characters: Mickey Mouse, Minnie, Goofy and all the Disney princesses.

You can meet them in person at certain points in the park or even inside their own castles. In other words, it’s an enchanting outing to take the little ones on. Don’t forget to take lots of souvenir photos.

Disney's Magic Kingdom Park

2. Disney’s Epcot park: the perfect place for those who love technology and astronomy. This Disney park has futurism as its main theme, with lots of fun attractions. There are many rides with state-of-the-art technology, such as the Mission Space rocket simulator, the Frozen ride and the Nemo ride.

In addition, there are several themed pavilions throughout the park, each following the culture of a country, such as France, Italy, Morocco, China, Germany, the United States and others. There are various attractions in these pavilions, as well as restaurants and stores selling typical products. The sensation of crossing them is as if you were going around the world.

Disney's Epcot Park

3. Disney’s Hollywood Studios park: an incredible space dedicated to Disney movies as well as the great classic animations. There, you’ll find many themed attractions dedicated to the famous Star Wars franchise, as well as some rides dedicated to Toy Story, for example.

But don’t think it’s just a leisurely stroll. Hollywood Studios has intense attractions such as the famous Aerosmith roller coaster and the Tower of Terror, which will leave many an adult staggering. Finally, there is a beautiful fireworks display at the end of each day.

Disney's Hollywood Studios Park

4. Disney’s Animal Kingdom park: this is Disney’s largest park in terms of size. An entire park dedicated to nature and animal life, exploring wildlife in its attractions. One of them, for example, is the option to go on a big safari with the park’s animals.

Disney also takes a closer look at its characters who are more connected to nature, such as those from the movie Avatar, who have a specific area called Pandora. There’s also the enchanting Lion King show and the extreme Everest rollercoaster.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Park

The 2 Disney water parks in Orlando

1. Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park: afun water park located within the Disney park complex. It is entirely themed to simulate a North Pole city. There are plenty of rides and attractions to suit all tastes.

Disney's Blizzard Beach water park

2. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park: like the previous park, Typhoon Lagoon is a fun water slide with attractions for everyone. Ideal for taking the kids to the quieter pools and enjoying the extreme waterslides with friends. It’s one of Disney’s most unknown parks, but it’s just as good.

Disney's Typhoon Lagoon water park

IMPORTANT: The city of Orlando has many theme parks and attractions spread across various regions of the city. To get to visit everything, the ideal is to use a rental car. If you want, see our article here with all the tips on how to rent a good car at the lowest price.

The 3 Universal parks in Orlando

1. Universal Studios park: one of Orlando’s main parks, with attractions from Universal’s most famous and entertaining films. You can take a ride on the MIB Men in Black attractions or dare the Mummy-themed roller coaster. In addition, the park has many simulators, where you enter an enclosed space with screens and enjoy the sensation of an extreme adventure, in complete safety.

Universal Studios has the Transformers simulators and the most famous, The Simpsons, which has its own themed area. There is also an area dedicated to Harry Potter fans, simulating the beloved Diagon Alley.

Universal Studios

2. Island of Adventure park: this is the perfect park for Marvel and Harry Potter fans. Here you’ll find the spectacular Hogwarts Castle and the Harry Potter-themed express train, which connects Universal’s two parks. Next to them is the famous Hulk roller coaster, extremely extreme and beloved by fans.

But it’s not just the rollercoaster that is the park’s intense area. There are also several attractions with lots of special effects, based on Steven Spielberg’s greatest hits.

Island of Adventure

3. Volcano Bay water park: this is the water park within the Universal complex. It has a large themed volcano in the center of the park, which creates waterfalls, along with various water jets and lighting effects. However, the park’s main attraction is the famous Krakatau roller coaster, where you can go down in a float with 4 other people.

Volcano Bay water park

The 6 other unmissable parks in Orlando

1. Busch Gardens park: an entire park dedicated to extreme attractions with the most famous roller coasters in the world. It is located in Tampa, a city close to Orlando that is easily accessible. It takes less than an hour and a half by car.

The curious thing about the space is that the park was intended to be just a zoo and a place dedicated to animals. However, it ended up becoming a world reference with its extreme attractions such as Kumba, Montu and intense Sheikra.

Busch Gardens Park

2. Sea World park: a beautiful park to visit with the family. One of Orlando’s main parks, you’ll enjoy the shows with the marine animals and plenty of spaces to visit and dedicate to them.

But this park is not just a peaceful place. Sea World has one of the most extreme roller coasters, the Manta, where you travel around the park practically lying down, simulating the movement of a stingray. A must-see attraction in Orlando.

Sea World

3. NASA park: the Kennedy Space Center, better known as NASA Park, is the official NASA center that has become open to tourists. It functions as a large museum dedicated to space, with many themed exhibitions.

The park is located on an island near Orlando called Cape Canaveral. From there, official NASA services are carried out, such as satellite launches and space shuttles.

NASA park

4. Legoland park: a fun park located in Winter Haven. Its entire structure is made from Lego pieces, making it a paradise for fans of the toy. At Legoland, there are dozens of sculptures from characters to cities made from the small pieces. An ideal outing for the family. The park is aimed at children up to 12 years old, who will be enchanted by the space.

Legoland park

5. Legoland water park: next to Legoland is a second park called Legoland water park. Here you can enjoy the classic attractions of a water park mixed with Lego pieces.

Unlike the previous one, the water park isn’t just aimed at children, so it has everything from quiet attractions to extreme ones, such as water slides. There are also restaurants throughout the park, as well as official Lego clothing and water accessories stores, known as the Surf Shop.

Legoland water park

6. Discovery Cove: known worldwide for the chance to ride with dolphins, Discovery Cove is one of the destinations you can’t miss on your trip. It is one of the main parks dedicated to visiting natural pools together with marine animals.

Unfortunately, it is one of the most expensive destinations in Orlando. But this is justifiable because of all that is provided. At the entrance, you receive everything from a towel to sunscreen, which you pay for with your ticket. Everything is well organized to avoid risks to the park’s fauna and flora. Finally, you receive a personalized badge and can take beautiful photos that will last forever.

Discovery Cove

How to save money at parks and attractions?

First of all, the first tip is to look for tickets in advance, not to buy them on the spot. That way, you can calmly research the best prices that are within your budget. In addition, there are many ticket combos that are much better value.

Disney Epcot

At the Disney complex, the ideal is to buy a ticket for all 4 parks, which is cheaper than excluding any of them (plus you can have the full experience of seeing the whole place). Another way to save money is to buy tickets to visit the parks for more days. In the end, the cost of the ticket per day is cheaper if you buy more days to go.

At Universal parks, you can experience a 2-week visit with the 3 Park Explore Ticket, which also allows access to the Volcano Bay water park. However, the best-selling ticket is the 2-day Park to Park ticket, which allows you to visit both Universal parks (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure).

Volcano Bay Universal Orlando

And to enjoy the famous Busch Gardens rollercoaster park or SeaWorld Park, the best way is to buy the combo that includes the 2 parks along with Aquatica. The price of the combo is only 30 dollars more expensive than a single ticket for just one of the parks.

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Orlando Magic Game

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