Check out when is the best time to visit Paris and start planning your trip. In this article, you’ll learn about the high and low season months in the French capital.

What are the high season months in Paris?

To open this article on when is the best time to visit Paris, you should know that the high season in the French capital corresponds to summer in France, from June to the first half of September. However, it also includes the month of December, due to the end-of-year festivities.

At this time of year, Paris fills up with tourists and locals alike, who take to the streets for a stroll because of the pleasant temperatures. This is the best time to visit Parisian attractions, especially the open-air sights. However, it’s worth remembering that prices are high during these months.

December is the end of fall and the beginning of winter in the French capital. And despite the cold, which is very intense at this time, it’s well worth traveling to the City of Light during this period. What’s more, the themed decorations make Paris even more enchanting.

Paris in December

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What are the low season months in Paris?

Following on from this article on when is the best time to visit Paris, the low season months in the City of Light run from November to March. With the exception of December, which, as we saw earlier, has a peak number of visitors.

During these months, we have fall, when temperatures start to cool down and the sun sets earlier. Even so, traveling to Paris during this time is great for those who want to save money, as prices are more affordable.

Within this period, from January to March, there are the cheapest months to travel to France, especially February, which is the winter season, from the end of December to the end of March. As the cold is very intense, with sub-zero temperatures and short days, our tip is to prioritize visits to indoor places, such as the beautiful museums and the best restaurants.

Paris in March

Other months to travel to Paris

April and May: these are spring months and are considered mid-season, as temperatures are milder and prices are cheaper than in summer. What’s more, the region is busier than in low season.

September and October: are part of the fall period and are also classified as mid-season. However, prices are higher due to the high season.

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What are the public holidays in Paris?

01/01: New Year
06/01: Three Kings

14/02: Valentine’s Day (commemorative date)

05/04: Palm Sunday
10/04: Good Friday
12/04: Easter
13/04: Easter Monday

01/05: Labor Day
08/05: Victory in Europe Day (commemorates the end of the Second World War)
21/05: Ascension Day
31/05: Pentecost Sunday

01/06: Whit Monday
07/06: Mother’s Day
11/06: Corpus Christi
21/06: Father’s Day

14/07: Fall of the Bastille (French national holiday)

15/08: Assumption of Mary (the day before, the 14th, several boats cruise along the River Seine in Paris, circling Île Cité and Île Saint Louis)

01/11: All Saints’ Day (families in Paris visit their loved ones in cemeteries)
11/11: End of the First World War

25/12: Christmas

New Year's Eve celebrations in Paris

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