Discover the 10 amazing free attractions in Berlin. Here, you’ll discover all the city’s great places and sights that offer the best value for money, which is that you don’t have to pay anything to see them.

1. Walking along Unter den Linden in Berlin

The most important avenue in this destination, called Unter den Linden, is a tourist attraction in itself. On this single avenue, you’ll find some of Berlin’s most famous attractions, such as the State Opera, the Guggenheim Museum, Berlin Cathedral and the incredible Humboldt University, where great names in human history such as Albert Einstein studied, as well as being frequented by the founders of Marxist theory Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.

As if that weren’t enough, this area is home to one of the German capital’s most famous landmarks, the Brandenburg Gate. The attractions on Unter den Linden are well worth a visit.

Unter den Linden in Berlin
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2. Passing through the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Located at the end of the Unter den Linden avenue, this tourist attraction is a great historical monument and a fantastic backdrop for souvenir photos of the city of Berlin. The Brandenburg Gate was built in 1791 and its main purpose was to give the king direct access from the royal palace to his garden, called the “Tiergarten”.

When the Berlin Wall was erected in the 20th century, this gate was isolated for almost 30 years on the eastern side, which was dominated by the Soviet Union.

In fact, this is such an important monument in Berlin that it has served as a parade ground for troops from Napoleon to the Nazis. Today, the Brandenburg Gate has become a symbol of unification and new times in Germany.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

3. Visit the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

The Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, known as the Holocaust Memorial, is a popular tourist spot for Jews and travelers from all over the world who are in Germany. This is a memorial with several concrete blocks, which was created in honor of the Jews who were killed in Europe (more than six million) during the Nazi era.

The Holocaust Memorial received several proposals as to how it would be built, but the winner was the American Peter Eisenman, who only finished the project in 2004. The memorial is located in central Berlin, next to the Brandenburg Gate.

It is free to enter, but you can hire an audio guide and have all the rooms explained to you for €4 per person.

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin

4. See the Berlin Wall

You can’t visit this destination and not think of the Berlin Wall. This wall has already been torn down and is considered one of the most important historical landmarks in Germany and the world. Part of the Berlin Wall has been preserved and many tourists go there to take photos and remember a little of the history that marked the world war.

Because of its history, it’s a very important tourist attraction in the city, but you shouldn’t spend too much time there, as it’s just an attraction to visit and take some photos.

Berlin Wall

Did you know that Berlin is home to the largest open-air gallery in the world? In the area where you visit the Berlin Wall, you’ll see around 2 km of this wall that have been erected there in good condition.

This space has become an art gallery, where artists from different parts of the world have made incredible graffiti along the most famous wall on the planet. Another curiosity of this area is that everyone who visits the East Side Gallery leaves their mark and writes on a piece of the Berlin Wall.

East Side Gallery in Berlin

6. Going to Potsdamer Platz in Berlin

A great place to visit and stroll around Berlin is Potsdamer Platz, a square surrounded by huge commercial buildings and which also has stores, a mall and several restaurants. Potsdamer Platz was the site of Germany’s first traffic light and has now become a monument. So don’t be surprised when you see people taking photos there.

Potsdamer Platz in Berlin has a very important historical value, as it was completely bombed during the Second World War. To change this tragic memory, several investors built a new commercial center on the site, with buildings and many shops.

Potsdamer Platz in Berlin

7. Visit Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin

Checkpoint Charlie was a military post, used by the Allies, and a very important place in the history of this country, as it marked the division between East and West Germany.

This monument was built alongside the Berlin Wall and its function was to control the passage of members of the armed forces and other diplomats. There used to be three military checkpoints, but only Checkpoint Charlie exists today as a tourist attraction.

Charlie was the third, which is why it starts with the letter “C”, the first being Checkpoint Alpha and the second Checkpoint Bravo. There, you can learn more about the history of the Germans, especially those who tried to cross over to the other side of the Berlin Wall in a variety of ways. To give you an idea of the importance of this place, around 800 people were murdered trying to cross without warning or authorization.

Admission is free, but the site offers a very interesting museum whose tickets cost €7.50 for young people (aged between 7 and 18), €9.50 for students and €14.50 for adults.

Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin
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8. Walking at Tiergarten Park in Berlin

The Tiergarten is Berlin’s second largest park and covers more than two square kilometers. This attraction is located in the city center and stretches from Berlin’s Potdsdamer Platz to the Brandenburg Gate.

It’s worth noting that it’s a park much visited by tourists and locals alike, as it has a large amount of green space, flower gardens and beautiful scenery for resting and relaxing. It’s definitely a great place for those who like to walk, cycle or run.

Tiergarten Park in Berlin

9. See the Reichstag Palace in Berlin

The Reichstag Palace is the building that houses the German parliament and is one of Berlin’s most visited tourist attractions. This building was designed by Paul Wallot and is a stunning work of architecture in the neo-Renaissance style, with enormous dimensions that impress tourists.

The Reichstag Palace is associated with important moments in German history. The dome and terrace can be visited for free, but you need to book at least two days in advance on the website.

Reichstag Palace in Berlin

10. See the Devil’s Bridge near Berlin

Did you know that this is one of the most photographed bridges in the world? The Rakotzbrücke is also known as the Devil’s Bridge, due to its medieval style and very original and complicated construction for the time. This bridge is located in Kromlau, a town near Berlin.

The construction of this monument is beautiful and the surroundings make the landscape even more enchanting, as it is situated over a river that reflects the image of this bridge and forms a perfect circle.

Located within the 90-hectare Rhododendron Park, this is also a great place to visit, especially for those who love vegetation, botany and contact with nature.

Devil's Bridge in Kromlau

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