See how to get from Berlin airport to the hotel. After reading our tips, you’ll be able to plan the ideal route for when you arrive in the city.

From the airport to the hotel by car in Berlin

Renting a car in Berlin is an excellent option for getting from the airport to your hotel and much more. That’s because you’ll also be able to see all the sights, the shopping malls and even some neighboring towns, for example.

Plus, the whole of Germany is wonderful to explore by car and, as well as making it much easier to see the sights of the city itself, you can take a nice trip to Munich, Frankfurt, Brussels or Amsterdam.

The roads are beautiful and very safe, and the towns along the way are lovely to visit. In Germany, there are the famous Autobahns, which are roads with no speed limit, providing an incredible experience for those who enjoy driving.

Cars in Berlin

So, know that there are some car rental price comparators in Berlin that are sensational and search all the main car rental companies there, finding the best prices and excellent deals. We recommend one that you can use by going to the website and entering the date of your trip. It then searches for all the best car rental companies in Berlin.

If you want to do the search, click here on Car Rental Comparator. In just a few seconds, you’ll have all the options for renting a car in Berlin from the best companies on your screen, and you can choose the cheapest one. You really will save a lot.

Cars to rent in Berlin
  • Important tip: Berlin is a city that has many museums, attractions and tours. Always buy the tickets in advance. We always buy everything on this website that has the best price.

From the airport to the hotel by transfer in Berlin

Now, if you don’t want to hire a car to get from the airport to your hotel, our tip is to opt for a transfer service. After all, when we arrive home from a trip, we’re usually full of luggage and often don’t know the place. And this can become a major headache.

That’s why a transfer is the best solution. As well as being quick, it’s cheaper than a cab and safer. And we say that because, unfortunately, in every tourist city there are people who get scammed by taxi drivers, who charge a lot more or make much longer journeys.

We always recommend this website so that you can get the cheapest transfer service in Berlin. You can also buy tickets and tours of the city at the lowest price on the same site.

Transfer service in Berlin

From the airport to the hotel by cab or train in Berlin

Following on from this article on how to get from Berlin airport to the hotel, you can also take the train or a cab. By train, you can take the RE7 or RB14, which pass right through the city center. The ticket costs €3.10 for both lines, covering zones A, B and C.

But if you prefer to take a cab, be aware that the cab drivers are outside Terminal A and the fare can cost around 45€ if your hotel is located near the center of Berlin, for example.

  • Important tip: To make the most of your trip, staying in the best area is essential. So, if you want, check out our article explaining the best region, the hotels and how you can save a lot on accommodation.

Extra tip for finding the fastest and cheapest route

After years of traveling the world and always researching transport options from one city to another, our extra recommendation for finding the fastest and cheapest route is to use this route finder.

This site is sensational, as it shows not only all the transportation options between one city and another, but also the plane, train and bus options. Not only is it safe, but the prices are cheaper than anywhere else, making it the leading site for this service in Europe.


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