We’ve prepared this complete guide to SeaWorld park in Orlando so that you can discover all the details of this fantastic place. In this article, you’ll find out which are the best attractions, when special events take place and which marine animals the park is home to, among other things.

What is SeaWorld park like in Orlando?

To start this complete guide to SeaWorld park in Orlando, know that it is one of the four parks in the SeaWorld group, along with Busch Gardens, Discovery Cove and Aquatica. Plus, it is recognized worldwide for its enchanting presentations with marine animals and the possibility of interacting with them throughout the park.

Unlike Discovery Cove, where you can also interact with the animals, SeaWorld is not a water park. Here, you’ll see incredible shows and ride some pretty cool rides and rollercoasters. In existence since 1973, SeaWorld has become one of Orlando’s most popular parks, as its attractions appeal to people of all ages.

SeaWorld park in Orlando

A good way to save money when buying a ticket to SeaWorld is to look for combos with the other parks Busch Gardens, Discovery Cove and Aquatica. This way, the price goes down and you can enjoy much more.

Another great tip is to always carry a change of clothes in your bag in case you get wet at one of the park’s attractions. Also, don’t forget a towel and especially sunscreen, as the sun in Orlando is very strong.

SeaWorld park attractions in Orlando

Discover the main attractions at SeaWorld park that you can’t miss during your visit:

Turtle Trek: it is where you’ll learn more about sea turtles and manatees through a beautiful 360º 3D movie. The attraction takes place in a movie theater and the film about marine life is projected around the room. It’s a great attraction where you feel immersed in the marine world. It is highly recommended for those with children and is a quiet attraction for the whole family to enjoy.

Flamingo Paddle Boats: the best way to relax during the day at the park is to enjoy the Flamingo Paddle Boats attraction. Here, you take a pedal boat ride around SeaWorld’s central lake. The paddle boats are shaped like flamingos and you can use them for 20 minutes for an extra fee per person.

Journey to Atlantis ride: one of SeaWorld’s most famous rides is the Journey to Atlantis. It’s a trolley that travels along a river, passing through closed and open scenes – some with an 18-meter drop into the water. It’s an attraction with both calm and extreme sections, and it’s a well-balanced ride that appeals to everyone.

Dolphin Cove: in this charming attraction, you can come into direct contact with the friendly dolphins. It is one of the most popular with children, who can pet the animals as they swim towards the shore.

Mako roller coaster: is the tallest and fastest in town. It is considered a hypercoaster, a roller coaster that reaches extreme speeds, as it reaches 118 kilometers per hour, is 1451 meters long, and is 61 meters high.

Inspired by the Mako shark, it is one of the park’s most popular attractions. It has steep drops and its ascents and descents give the sensation of zero gravity. As it’s a popular attraction, get there early. Throughout the day, the queue will only get longer.

Manta roller coaster: certainly, is one of Orlando’s most famous roller coasters. Here, you can enjoy all the adrenaline and loops of a roller coaster while lying down, in order to simulate swimming along the seabed. Plus, you get a full view of the entire park on the ride, being able to observe a giant aquarium with fish, stingrays and octopuses during quiet moments and be electrified by a 35-meter drop.

Kraken roller coaster: one of SeaWorld’s most extreme attractions is Kraken, a floorless roller coaster where your feet are free. Its highest point is 45 meters above the ground, offering a wonderful view of the city of Orlando. With 7 loops, Kraken reaches 120 kilometers per hour and is a must-see during your visit to SeaWorld.

Ice Breaker roller coaster: inaugurated in 2022, Ice Breaker is a roller coaster that throws visitors backwards and forwards along its route. At the highest point, people are thrown backwards and carried down a 100-degree incline to a 93-meter-high peak. It is very short, lasting only 90 seconds, but it is remarkable because of the originality of the movements.

Despite all this, the Ice Breaker is suitable for the whole family and children can enjoy it too.

Sky Tower: is a huge 120-meter-high tower where park visitors can enjoy a ride in the heights. The attraction lasts 6 minutes, giving you a full view of the park. As it is quiet, you can take beautiful photos from there, but it is not recommended for those with a fear of heights.

Antarctica – Empire of Penguin: this attraction recreates the penguins’ natural habitat, with mountains, lakes, aquariums and lots of ice. The aim is to simulate the daily life of penguins at the South Pole, so various visual and sound elements are used, along with the cold environment.

Sea Carousel: for the little ones, there’s the Sea Carousel, a seabed-themed carousel with lots of fish where children can climb on and have fun.

Pacific Point Preserve: its where you can get up close and personal with seals and sea lions in a habitat that simulates the California coastline. The area has several weathered rocks, which help to create the environment.

Infinity Falls: is the perfect toy to beat the heat in the park. On this ride, you sit in a circular cart together with other people and go through rapids, fountains, waterfalls and incredible scenes of tropical ruins. Finally, you’ll face the world’s highest waterfall, leaving everyone soaked. If you need to dry off at the end of the attraction, you can access a giant dryer for a small fee.

Sesame Street Land: SeaWorld has a Sesame Street themed area, much loved by children. Sesame Street Land has interactive experiences and sets from the old TV show. You can sit at stop 123, walk through Abby Cadabby’s garden, visit Garibaldo’s nest and visit stores with your favorite characters from the show.

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Shows and presentations at SeaWorld park in Orlando

SeaWorld is famous for its beautiful marine animal shows. In the Ocean Discovery presentation, for example, we learn about Orcas whales, showing the whales’ habitat, adaptation and behavior. The show lasts 30 minutes. At Dolphin Days, you can watch an exciting presentation by the beloved dolphins, who perform a choreographed routine to the rhythm of the music.

There’s also Sea Lion High: The New Class, which takes place in the Sea Lion and Otter theater. In this attraction, visitors interact with the sea lions and watch the famous Clyde and Seamore go on fun adventures, with lots of special effects in the water.

In the Pets Ahoy show, you can see incredible training techniques reproduced on dogs, cats, ducks, pigeons and pigs. And finally, the Sesame Street Party Parade is a great show in the park with floats, lots of music and characters from the show Sesame Street.

Ocean Discovery presentation at SeaWorld park in Orlando

Which animals can I see at SeaWorld park in Orlando?

Inside SeaWorld you can see sea lions, dolphins, penguins, manatees, sea turtles and many others. As well as species unknown to many visitors, such as the pygmy sperm whale, the dwarf sperm whale, wrasses and the Canadian crane.

In fact, the park rescues many animals that are found around the city without proper care. Today, SeaWorld is increasingly rethinking its environmental awareness of its marine animals. In recent years, the organization has stopped bringing in whales and putting on shows with them. However, it is possible to find some of the whales that were there before their policy change.

Stingrays at SeaWorld park in Orlando

Extra events at SeaWorld park in Orlando

1. Electric Ocean – summer nights: to celebrate the start of summer in the northern hemisphere, SeaWorld offers the Electric Ocean event, letting visitors stay late in the park between Friday and Sunday at the end of June.

During the event there are exclusive shows with dolphins, sea lions, acrobatics, lights and fireworks. To enjoy Electric Ocean you don’t have to pay anything other than your park entrance ticket, which gives you access to all the exclusive events, including the nightclubs inside SeaWorld.

2. Seven Seas Food Festival: at the Seven Seas Food Festival, you can enjoy delicious street food with various performances by artists ranging from rock to gospel. The festival takes place between February and May and offers many exclusive artisanal items such as beers, wines, sweets and snacks. There’s something for everyone!

3. Craft Beer Festival: this event offers the best in craft beer from around the world. The festival features more than 100 beer labels along with various snack options to accompany them. To take part, you have to pay an extra fee on top of your normal park ticket. And remember, you must be at least 21 years old to have access to alcoholic beverages in the United States.

4. Christmas Party: the Christmas celebration at the park takes place during the weekends of the second half of December. There are several incredible shows with lots of music and the park is decorated with Christmas decorations.

At night, there are incredible firework displays for the celebration. And you can enjoy it all without paying anything extra.

5. Halloween: takes place on weekends at the end of September and the end of October. It’s a party dedicated to children, where they are invited to dress up with themes linked to marine life, such as SeaWorld.

In the park, there is a children’s ballad, with a DJ show and lots of games. Finally, there is the traditional Halloween candy hunt – “Trick or treat?”

Behind-the-scenes tours of SeaWorld park in Orlando

When you visit SeaWorld, you can take behind-the-scenes tours of the park. This way, you can see the work of the veterinarians, the animal rescue team and other professionals. All this is available to anyone inside the park. Simply consult the maps and choose which tour you want to take.

There are six different types of tours, each taking place in a certain area of the park and at specific times. When you complete the tour, you will receive a stamp. If you collect four stamps, you’ll get an exclusive Expert Explorer pin.

SeaWorld park

Where to eat at SeaWorld park in Orlando?

Following this complete guide to SeaWorld park in Orlando, after all the excitement of the park, you’ll certainly need to replenish your energy with a hearty lunch. So we’ve selected some of the best restaurants in there:

1. Voyager’s Smokehouse: is comfortable and inviting, with a wide choice of meats, chicken, salads and much more, as well as a special children’s menu.

2. Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar: in our opinion, Sharks Underwater Grill is considered one of the coolest restaurants in parks in the United States. The reason for its success is the restaurant’s decor, which has tanks with sharks and fish swimming around while you have lunch.

The menu includes fish and seafood dishes, salads and desserts. There aren’t any elaborate dishes, what really sets it apart is the decor and the experience. As for drinks, you can enjoy drinks, wines and cocktails, as well as juices and soft drinks

It’s best to book in advance to avoid the restaurant’s queues. This can be done via the website or at Seaworld Guest Service.

Sharks Underwater Grill and Bar

3. Seafire Grill: offers dishes from different parts of the world, illustrated by the Mediterranean decor. A tasty continental breakfast is served in the morning, followed by lunch. You can choose from chicken, fish, pasta and many others. There is also a special menu for children.

4. Spice Mill: at this restaurant, you can enjoy the best of American cuisine in a cozy atmosphere to the sound of jazz. The menu includes burgers, sandwiches, grilled meats and much more.

The Spice Mill is located on the edge of SeaWorld’s large lake, with a free patio for you to eat in the open air.

Seafire Grill

5. Expedition Café: serves snacks from around the world. Its decor is Antarctica-themed and its snacks are according to the countries involved in exploring the continent.

6. Lunch with killer whales: at this exclusive lunch next to Shamu Stadium, you can eat alongside the whales while learning about them. The experience takes place every day at around 12:30 p.m. And while you eat, the whales swim around the space.

To eat, there is a buffet where you can help yourself, choosing from a variety of fresh and organic salads and hot dishes, as well as traditional American hot dogs and mac ‘n’ cheese. After the meal, the presentation with the SeaWorld trainers begins. There, the professionals talk about the whales, their diet, basic characteristics and even perform a few tricks.

Finally, you can ask the experts any questions you may have. The food there is pretty standard, but what really counts is the experience and the presentation with the whales. To take part in the Up-Close Dine With Shamu, you need to book in advance.

Expedition Café

How to save money at parks and attractions?

First of all, the first tip is to look for tickets in advance, not to buy them on the spot. That way, you can calmly research the best prices that are within your budget. In addition, there are many ticket combos that are much better value.

Disney Epcot

At the Disney complex, the ideal is to buy a ticket for all 4 parks, which is cheaper than excluding any of them. Plus, you can have the full experience of seeing the whole place. Another way to save money is to buy tickets to visit the parks for more days. In the end, the cost of the ticket per day is cheaper if you buy more days to go.

At Universal parks, you can experience a 2-week visit with the 3 Park Explore Ticket, which also allows access to the Volcano Bay water park. However, the best-selling ticket is the 2-day Park to Park ticket, which allows you to visit both Universal parks (Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure).

Volcano Bay Universal Orlando

And to enjoy the famous Busch Gardens rollercoaster park or SeaWorld Park, the best way is to buy the combo. It includes the 2 parks along with Aquatica. The price of the combo is only 30 dollars more expensive than a single ticket for just one of the parks.

Where can I buy the tickets for the lowest price?

We always use this website that sells all the tickets and tours. There is everything there and the price is always the cheapest. The only ticket that isn’t sold there is the Disney ticket, which for the time being is the cheapest place to buy it. But for all the other parks like Legoland, Busch Gardens, Sea World and Universal Orlando, this is the best site.

They also have a really cool free tour of all the cities. And it’s where we book the transfer to take us from the airport to the hotel. It’s cheaper and safer than taxis and Uber.

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Orlando Magic Game

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