Find out about New York climate and weather by month. In this article, you’ll learn about all the seasons in the city, as well as many other details to help make your trip a success.

What’s the temperature like in New York month by month?

To start this article on New York climate and weather by month, we’ve put together an excellent graph to illustrate the city’s temperature differences throughout the year.

Temperature graph in New York

The best way to understand this great change is through Central Park, which perfectly exemplifies the change of each season. Its lakes, trees and flowers take on a unique look each time.

When is the best time to go to New York, according to the weather?

If you want to see New York covered in snow and enjoy the beauty of the Christmas decorations, the best time to go is during the month of December, as well as the other winter months: January, February and March.

However, if you prefer milder temperatures, it’s a good idea to travel there between April and June. The months of August to October, on the other hand, offer a very calm summer and early fall climate.

New York in March
  • Winter: December to March
  • Spring: March to June
  • Summer: June to September
  • Fall: September to December

In this sense, it’s best to decide what you want to see most. During the winter, some attractions are not available, while others are only open at this time of year.

So, choose the type of experience you’d like to have in New York and see our travel recommendations for each of the 4 seasons:

1. Winter in New York – December 21 to March 20

Winter in New York takes place between December and March. The city usually experiences intense cold and heavy snowfall, covering many tourist attractions. It’s common for the temperature to be around 2ºC, but it gets even colder.

Winter in New York

What to pack?

It is essential to pack everything you need to deal with the cold: thick coats, thermal pants, boots, thick socks, gloves, scarves and ear muffs.

It’s a good idea to walk around with several layers of clothing. That way, you’ll be able to withstand the cold on the streets, and when you go into heated rooms, just take off your warm clothes and you won’t get hot.

But we don’t recommend buying cold clothes in New York in winter, as the prices are much higher than at other times of the year.

Winter suitcase

What to do in winter?

Following in this article about New York climate and weather by month, it is important that you know that it’s very common for ice-skating rinks to be set up in the city during the winter, for everyone to enjoy. But, you have to pay a fee both to stay at the rink and to rent the skates. But it’s well worth it.

Our main recommendation is to check out the rinks in Central Park and Rockefeller Center, which are some of the most famous in the city. It’s also worth taking advantage of indoor events, such as seeing an incredible show on Broadway or visiting some of New York’s famous museums.

Central Park in New York in Winter

Shopping in New York in winter

During these months, there are incredible promotions in the stores. At the end of November, the famous Black Friday takes place. At the end of the year, there are unmissable sales to sell everything that hasn’t been sold throughout the year.

It’s also worth visiting some of the charming Christmas markets selling decorations, souvenirs and unique typical foods.

The Fulton Center entry in New York in Winter

2. Spring in New York – March 21 to June 20

Spring is one of the best times to visit New York. Even in the first two months, March and April, the weather is still cold.

The temperature varies between 2ºC and 7ºC in these months, gradually rising until June, when temperatures are between 17ºC and 26ºC. It’s worth noting that there is less rainfall than in winter, allowing for more outdoor walks and visits to the city’s tourist attractions. And with a pleasant temperature, you can walk around all day.

Spring in New York

What to enjoy during this season?

If you visit New York during this season, Central Park is a must. It has beautiful flowering trees, which make it very pleasant to visit. Also, it’s worth setting aside a few days to explore the city’s wooded parks, enjoy the beauty and have a great picnic.

In April, the annual cherry blossom festival takes place at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It’s a great event to enjoy nature and the beauty of the more than 200 trees that are traditionally from Japan but have come to adorn the city.

Cherry Blossom Festival in New York

What to pack?

Pack some warm clothes and sweaters, as the temperatures are still quite low. But if you choose to travel closer to summer, don’t forget to pack some light clothes and, above all, a good sunscreen.

Also remember to keep an eye on the weather before you leave the hotel and have an umbrella handy.

3. Summer in New York – June 21 to September 20

In summer, New York experiences the highest temperatures, which can reach up to 30ºC, with a minimum of 16ºC.

What to do during this time?

Enjoy the best of summer in New York. Take advantage of the city’s sights by staying hydrated and eating lots of ice cream to cool off. It’s worth visiting some of New York’s beaches, especially Coney Island, which is home to a unique amusement park.

At this time of year, Central Park also receives many visitors who take the opportunity to sunbathe, lying on towels in the park. It’s a great time to see all the great outdoors.

Haulover Beach in Miami

What to pack?

Beforehand, we’d advise you to pack your sunscreen to withstand this season’s sun. Also, choose light, comfortable clothes and good sneakers that are suitable for a long walk. We don’t recommend wearing flip-flops, as they are not comfortable for walking around the city’s tourist attractions.

Be aware of the appropriate dress code in some enclosed places, such as restaurants. Many do not allow you to enter the establishment wearing shorts, for example.

Packing a suitcase for summer

Extra tips:

Summer is the time when the city is most crowded. So keep an eye on prices, as they tend to rise a lot due to the high demand. In addition, there are more queues and many services slow down.

On the other hand, a positive aspect of this season is its long days. In some of them, you can see the sun until 9pm. That way, you can enjoy the day and wander around the city.

4. Fall in New York – September 21 to December 20

To finish this article on New York climate and weather by month, note that from September to mid-December is when New York experiences fall. Temperatures gradually cool down as winter approaches in the city.

The city’s beautiful trees display orange leaves that gradually begin to fall. At the beginning of October, the temperature ranges from 16ºC to 24ºC and by the end of December, it is between 0ºC and 7ºC.

Fall in New York

What can you do at this time of year?

You can make the most of the city, just check the weather on the day. For rainy days, prioritize museums and walks indoors. On sunny days, it’s worth visiting all of New York’s great monuments, as well as strolling through its tree-lined parks.

What to pack?

As the temperature is uncertain, pack some warm clothes but don’t forget light jackets and sweatshirts. That way, you’ll be prepared to withstand any temperature fluctuations.

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