Find out which is the best place to stay in New York and have a great time in the city. Here’s how it works:

Get to know New York’s 5 districts

To decide on the ideal place to stay in the iconic city of New York, you need to know a little more about its subdivisions. It has 5 regions, each of which coincides with a county. Find out more about:

New York Areas


The heart of New York. Manhattan is the center of the city, which has become its best-known area around the world.

It is home to the city’s and the world’s main tourist, cultural, commercial and financial centers. It is therefore the best place to stay, as you will be close to everything interesting in the city.

The district is divided into 5 neighborhoods: Lower Manhattan, Midtown Manhattan, Upper Manhattan, Harlem and Washington Heights.

If you’re interested, check out this map which gives you more details of the area and the hotels available. We’ve filtered the accommodation to show only hotels with good reviews, so you can enjoy a high quality stay!

Best area to stay in Manhattan New York

Regions of Manhattan

In our experience, the best area to stay in New York is Midtown Manhattan. It’s precisely in this part of Manhattan that you’ll find the main cultural centers you’ll want to visit during your trip: Broadway, Times Square and Grand Central Station.

Because it has more attractions, this area tends to be more expensive to stay in. However, it’s worth it because it saves you money and time to get to the city’s tourist attractions.

Regions of Manhattan

Finally, there’s no getting away from an expensive hotel in New York, as the city is known for having the most expensive accommodation in the world.

To find out which hotels are available in the area, here ‘s a map of all the excellent hotels in Manhattan where you can stay in New York.

All you need to do is enter the date of your trip to see for sure the price of the room.

How to find hotels at great prices

The best way to find the cheapest accommodation is to use a hotel search engine.

This booking comparator will give you the best deals all over the world. We always use it and get unbeatable prices.

What’s more, because it’s the best in the world, we have complete confidence and security in booking with it. One of the advantages is that you can cancel your chosen hotel free of charge at any time. Most of the hotels on this search engine offer free cancellation!

This helps you save money, as you can book well in advance, guaranteeing the best prices. If you can’t go on your trip, just cancel and there will be no hassle.

Another advantage is that you can check out the opinions of tourists who have already stayed in the hotels, helping you decide which one is the best. There’s no mistake: just check out the options on the comparator and save right away!

Other good areas to stay in New York

Lower Manhattan

Another great place to stay is just south of Manhattan, in Lower Manhattan. The area is a little further away from the tourist center but still has several good attractions, as well as access to the subway throughout the area and cheaper hotels.

In the area, you’ll find the famous Wall Street, the Bronze Bull and the park that offers a boat ride to the Statue of Liberty.

Lower Manhattan

Central Park

Another great place to stay in New York is Central Park. Each side of the park is called the Upper East Side and the Upper West Side, and both areas have cheaper accommodation options.

What’s more, they’re great neighborhoods for enjoying the city, with the advantage of being just a few minutes from Central Park.

One tip is to avoid the area above Central Park, which is close to the Bronx. It’s a bit more remote and unsafe than the others.

Central Park

Chelsea and SoHo

If you want to stay away from the shopping centers, two interesting options are Chelsea and SoHo. Both are charming areas full of art galleries, restaurants and small parks.

They are great for getting to know even more of the typical New York culture.

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