Check out the best restaurants in Berlin. See tips on each place, their locations, the type of cuisine they offer, prices and the most popular dishes. You’re sure to eat very well there.

Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer restaurant in Berlin

Lorenz has been awarded two Michelin stars and is run by chef Hendrik Otto. The Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer restaurant is located in the sophisticated Adlon hotel at 77 Unter den Linden. As well as offering a varied menu and an extensive wine list, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Brandenburg Gate.

The restaurant is open for dinner only, from 7pm to 11pm, from Tuesday to Sunday.

Fischers Fritz restaurant in Berlin

Fischers Fritz is a restaurant that has been awarded 2 stars for the sixth time in a row and is run by chef Christian Lohse. It is located inside the Regent hotel, near the beautiful Gendarmenmarkt square, more specifically at No. 49 Charlottenstrasse. It is open from noon to 2pm and from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.

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Tim Raue restaurant in Berlin

The creations of Berlin chef Tim Raue, after whom the restaurant is named, are inspired by Asian cuisine. Restaurant Tim Raue has been awarded 2 stars by the Michelin guide and is located at Rudi-Dutschke, no. 26, near the famous Checkpoint Charlie. It is open Tuesday to Saturday from noon to 1pm and from 7pm to 9pm.

Facil restaurant in Berlin

The chef who runs Facil is the famous Michael Kempf, who focuses his cuisine on more regional products. Facil is located on the 5th floor of the modern Mandala hotel, near the Sony Center.

The Facil restaurant, despite being awarded only one star, is one of the most famous in the city. It is located at No. 3 Potsdamer and is only open during the week, from Monday to Friday from midday and in the evenings from 7pm.

Horváth restaurant in Berlin

The Horváth restaurant is run by chef Sebastian Frank, who draws inspiration for his culinary creations from Austrian cuisine. Horváth is also awarded 1 star and is located in a very pretty street in Kreuzberg, near the river, called Paul Lincke Ufer, no. 44 a. And it is open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 6pm to 1am.

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Gerichtslaube restaurant in Berlin

The restaurant is one of the most typical of German cuisine and is very well located in the heart of Berlin, at 28 Postrabe Street. One of the restaurant’s most typical dishes is Bulette (meatballs) and pork knee with sauerkraut.

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