Check out when is the best time to visit Miami. There is a time when the city receives fewer tourists and everything is very cheap. So come and find out:

The best time to travel to Miami 

We’ll tell you in advance: the best time to travel to Miami is after the summer, from September to November. This is our favorite time to visit the city, when the weather is still warm and the city has far fewer visitors. 

But below, we’ll explain more about how this works and what happens in Miami in the other months: 

Dusk in Miami

December, January and February in Miami 

From December to February, it’s winter in Miami. Despite this, the weather in the city is usually very moderate, reaching up to 19ºC. As a result, the city is pleasant enough to spend all day walking through the streets, without suffering from the intense heat. 

At this time of year, Miami receives many tourists, who come to the city to celebrate the holidays. In addition, many families travel during the last weeks of the year to enjoy the school vacations in the city and in Orlando. 

Miami in January

With the high demand, December is classified as high season in the city, when there is greater demand for services, and they become more expensive. 

As a result, airline tickets will be more expensive during this period, as will hotel rates. Furthermore, the beaches and many other tourist attractions will be crowded and there will be more queues at restaurants and nightclubs. 

Holidays in these months: 

25/12: Christmas Day. 

31/12: New Year’s Eve. 

01/01: New Year. 

20/01: Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

02/02: Groundhog Day.

14/02: Valentine’s Day (not a holiday, but a major commemorative date). 

17/02: Washington’s Birthday. 

March, April and May in Miami 

From March onwards, the temperature starts to warm up, making it the perfect time to enjoy Miami’s beaches without being so hot and crowded. In this month, Spring Break takes place, a two-week school recess, which usually helps to increase the city’s traffic. 

Miami in March

Our tip is to avoid this period because of the increase in the price of services. In April and May, Miami begins to enter its low season. In other words, during this period, there are fewer tourists traveling to Miami, making all services – such as airline tickets, hotel rates and much more – cheaper. 

Holidays in these months: 

17/03: St. Patrick’s Day. 

12/04: Easter. 

10/05: Mother’s Day (commemorative date). 

25/05: Memorial Day. 

June and July in Miami 

Due to school vacations in the United States and many other parts of the world, the city once again receives thousands of tourists looking to relax on the beautiful beaches. 

Party in Miami in July

The prices of all the main services go up again, due to the high demand during this period. The weather during these months is usually very hot, with heavy rain and storms. 

In this sense, traveling to Miami at this time has some disadvantages, but if it’s the only option for you, don’t miss out on this special opportunity to get to know Miami. 

Holidays in these months: 

14/06: Flag Day (unofficial holiday). 

21/06: Father’s Day (commemorative date). 

04/07: Independence Day. 

August, September, October and November in Miami 

A great time to travel to Miami is between August and November, when the city enters low season (from September). The weather stays very cool, with some sunny days, making it very pleasant. 

Miami in September

And for those who like to shop a lot, this is when Black Friday takes place, with absurd promotions. It’s also the season that includes Halloween, and Miami always celebrates with traditional parties and super charming decorations.

It’s during this period that many travel deals will appear for you, so be sure to take advantage of them. These include airline tickets, accommodation and sales in the city’s stores. 

Holidays in these months: 

07/09: Labor Day. 

11/09: Patriot’s Day. 

12/10: Columbus Day. 

31/10: Halloween (commemorative date). 

11/11: Veteran’s Day. 

26/11: Thanksgiving Day. 

27/11: Black Friday. 

Halloween in Miami

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