We’ve selected the 7 best beaches for you to enjoy in Miami. Each one of them has its own style, but they all bring breathtaking paradise-like beauty, making them well worth a visit.

1. Hollywood Beach in Miami

Located north of Miami, Hollywood Beach boasts one of the most incredible landscapes in the city, with its white sand and clear waters. Additionally, it features a large boardwalk, which entertains both locals and tourists.

Hollywood Beach in Miami

Its entire structure is designed to welcome visitors, setting it apart from other beaches in the city. It offers ample parking, numerous showers scattered along the sand, and many excellent restaurants along the avenue for you to enjoy a great lunch.

Hollywood Beach in Miami

And if you enjoy sports, at Hollywood Beach you can exercise outdoors and play team sports like volleyball, as well as bike along its boardwalk. Of all the beaches we’ve visited in Miami, this one was undoubtedly the best. Don’t forget to put it on your list of things to do in Miami.

2. Haulover Beach in Miami

Haulover Beach is one of the largest beaches in the city, with a vast expanse divided into several areas. One of them is designated for nude sunbathing, attracting all types of people – from locals to tourists, and of all genders.

Haulover Beach in Miami

Despite this, the beach tends to be quite deserted, providing comfort and tranquility for those who wish to visit. Moreover, if you prefer to keep your clothes on, you can still enjoy it with swimwear. And we highly recommend a visit, as it is one of the best beaches in Miami. It’s ideal for surfing, swimming, and soaking up the sun.

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3. South Pointe Park Beach in Miami

In the southern part of Miami, there are some of the city’s best beaches. Most of them tend to be crowded with visitors, bustling with activity. However, South Pointe Park is much quieter and more peaceful. It features a great wooded park surrounding it, where you can enjoy contact with nature and then relax on the sands of Miami Beach. This is where the famous Miami Beach begins.

The best part of the park is that it has good facilities to accommodate everyone. There are restrooms, showers for children to play in or for adults to rinse off sand, a restaurant, and a snack bar. And so, you’ll enjoy the best of the city’s most famous beach with great tranquility. You’ll be able to enjoy a clean beach with calm, transparent waters. When diving, you can see several little fish swimming in the area.

4. Lummus Park Beach in Miami

On the main avenue of South Beach lies Lummus Park, an area with a beautiful park filled with trees, which connects to the sands of Miami Beach.

Lummus Park Beach in Miami

The place is perfect for an afternoon stroll, where you can enjoy the beauty of the park’s many palm trees while staying protected from the sun. The park’s tree cover also helps keep the environment cool, making it one of the most pleasant beaches in the city.

5. Matheson Hammock Beach in Miami

Matheson Hammock Beach is one of the most unique beaches in Miami. The area also features a natural park with a circular beach inside. More precisely, the area is a natural saltwater pool, refreshed with each tide.

In this sense, the place has become one of the most unique beaches in the world, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. And the best part is that the beach is relatively unknown, frequented only by locals and a few tourists. It is located very close to Coral Gables, where there is an incredible public pool to visit.

6. Key West Island in Florida

Although not exactly located in Miami, Key West Island deserves its place on this list due to its impressive beauty.

Key West Island in Florida

It is located a 3 hour and 30 minute drive from Miami, with half the journey being bridges suspended over the sea that connect the islands. The trip is well worth it and spending a day on the paradisiacal beaches of Key West is priceless.

7. Beaches at Key Biscayne in Florida

Just like Key West, there’s Key Biscayne Island, connected through the suspended road Rickenbacker Causeway. Throughout the island, there are beautiful beaches that provide a wonderful day.

Beaches at Key Biscayne

One of the most sought-after locations on the island is Bill Baggs Park, which combines greenery with a beautiful beach. Walking around the area, you’ll also see the famous Cape Florida Lighthouse, an old lighthouse from 1825, considered the oldest structure in the southern region of Florida.

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