Known worldwide for its parties, nightclubs and bars, the city of Miami offers the best things to do at night.

1. Española Way in Miami

There’s an area in South Beach Miami that has a strong cultural influence from Mexico and Spain, and it’s called Española Way. There, most of the shops, bars and restaurants follow both Spanish architecture and Spanish cuisine.

The atmosphere is great for you to enjoy a night out in Miami. Furthermore, you can taste delicious dishes in Mexican restaurants, party at Mango’s Tropical late into the night and much more.

Española Way in Miami

In addition, the area is known for its restaurant options that are perfect for romantic dinners, so if that’s your goal, it’s well worth enjoying a night out on Española Way. Finally, at weekends, there is a great craft fair in the area, which attracts many visitors.

2. Lincoln Road in Miami

The famous Lincoln Road is an area of Miami that is perfect for visiting, regardless of the time of day. Many tourists go in the afternoon to enjoy the stores on offer, but in the evening there are plenty of excellent bars and restaurants.

Lincoln Road in Miami

Some of them function as simple coffee shops during the day, but at night they turn into lively clubs with DJs and a dance floor. As a result, the area has become a hotspot for young people in Miami at night

3. Ocean Drive in Miami

On Miami’s most famous avenue, there’s no shortage of nightlife options. Ocean Drive faces the sea and has many entertainment options: art galleries, bars, restaurants, various nightclubs and many stores.

Ocean Drive in Miami

By the way, that’s where some of Miami’s most famous nightclubs are located, which we’ll mention below. In that sense, due to so many options, plan to spend more than one day visiting the avenue and trying out some of its bars as you stroll through the area.

4. Nightclubs in Miami

Enjoy the best nightlife in Miami’s most unmissable clubs:

Mynt Ultralounge Nightclub in Miami Beach

To kick off our list with the must-visit nightclubs in Miami, we can only mention Mynt Ultralounge, one of the most sought-after in the city. The venue is very elegant and features sophisticated decor. Additionally, you’ll find plenty of beautiful people dancing to the sounds of the best DJs in Florida.

Mynt Ultralounge Nightclub in Miami Beach

Mynt Ultralounge certainly has an excellent bar, serving the most varied drinks, as well as plenty of alcoholic beverages such as tequila, beer and vodka. In this sense, the nightclub is the perfect place for those who really like to have fun at night and enjoy it.

  • Address: 1921 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
  • Hours: Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, from midnight to 5 a.m.

LIV Nightclub in Miami

The LIV nightclub is considered by many DJs as the best nightclub in the world. She is located inside the Fontainebleau hotel, a sophisticated venue that also offers many dining options. As such, the space is frequented by many celebrities who choose to enjoy the night there.

LIV Nightclub in Miami

In other words, it’s not a cheap nightclub, and it’s a good idea to dress up well to visit. But still, it’s definitely worth visiting at least once and dancing to a lot of electronic music in a super luxurious space. It’s just like the nightclubs depicted in many Hollywood movies.

  • Address: 4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
  • Hours: The days vary throughout the week, so be sure to check the calendar on the official website.

Nikki Beach Nightclub in Miami

If you want to mix the excitement of the nightclub with the tranquility of the beaches, it’s definitely worth spending the night at Nikki Beach. This nightclub has the indoor area with traditional dance floors and also boasts a great open area on the sand, with cabanas and beds right by the beach. That way, you get to enjoy the two highlights of Miami: its nightlife and its beautiful beaches.

Nikki Beach Nightclub in Miami
  • Address: 1 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach
  • Opening hours: Vary according to the season, during the summer it is open on Sundays from 11pm to 5am, Monday to Saturday from 11am to 6pm.

Mango’s Tropical Nightclub in Miami

Mango’s Tropical is one of the most unmissable and exotic clubs in Miami. There, the rhythm is salsa and merengue, similar to the lively parties in Cancun. And get ready to enjoy lots of tequila, latin music, lights and costumed dancers who rock the night away.

Mango’s Tropical is located on Miami’s main avenue, Ocean Drive, and normally operates as a bar.

Mango’s Tropical Nightclub in Miami
  • Address: 900 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach
  • Opening hours: Every day from 11:45 a.m. to 5:00 a.m.

Clevelander Nightclub in Miami

A nightclub that’s hot in Miami is the Clevelander, located on Ocean Drive. Many locals and tourists go there for a lively evening, while sampling many delicious drinks. And all of this outdoors, enjoying the sea breeze of Miami. The nightclub features plenty of neon lights and loud music for you to dance the night away.

Clevelander Nightclub in Miami
  • Address: 1020 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach
  • Hours: Party days vary throughout the week, but you can simply check the calendar on the official website.

Story Nightclub em Miami

Finally, but certainly not least, Story is a great nightclub in Miami, that plays a lot of Black Music. This happens because the place is one of the most happening clubs in the city, packed at every party, mainly due to the excellent performances that take place there. Steve Aoki and Nervo, for example, have performed at Story Nightclub.

Story Nightclub em Miami

And if you want to enjoy the night more calmly, you can stay in some of the booths and other areas that share the space.

  • Address: 136 Collins Ave, Miami Beach
  • Hours: Saturdays, from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.

5. Pool Parties in Miami

A great way to enjoy Miami is by partying at the famous pool parties. These are poolside parties celebrated at the city’s best hotels most of the time. And of course, since it’s a pool party, it happens while the sun is still out. But, many of them last until late at night, and it’s worth enjoying them to the fullest.

Pool Parties in Miami

You need to pay an entrance fee for the party and for whatever you consume there. Depending on the occasion, some parties offer an open bar, providing drinks and food for a higher cost in the entrance fee. To enjoy a pool party, research in advance which ones will be happening during the time you’ll be traveling.

6. Bars in Miami

One of the best ways to spend the night in Miami is by having great conversations with your friends while enjoying the best drinks. Therefore, it’s very worthwhile to enjoy the nightlife in Miami at some of its bars.

We recommend Abbey Pub, perfect for beer lovers, as well as Transit Lounge, which is a bar-club, ideal for those who enjoy a livelier place with lots of music.

Bars in Miami

The best part about spending the night in a bar is that you also get to meet and interact with many other people from the city. And since Miami is one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, there are many tourists coming from all over, providing the experience of getting to know new cultures from around the world.

7. Restaurants in Miami

Finally, nothing beats enjoying an excellent dinner in Miami. And surely, in the city, you’ll find all kinds of cuisine. All of them of quality and at a very reasonable price. There are restaurants for dinner before going to the club, others that are more romantic, those that are more casual and others ideal for going with the whole family.

Restaurants in Miami

In short, there are plenty of good options to enjoy nightlife in Miami, so take note of our tips and enjoy your trip to the fullest!

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